Mori’s 5 Secrets on How To Maximize your Beauty Regime with Minimal Effort

Mori’s 5 Secrets on How To Maximize your Beauty Regime with Minimal Effort
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

As much as we all aspire to do the right thing in taking care of our wellbeing, sometimes our hectic lifestyle restricts us from doing simple things such as going for regular facials, exercise and whipping up healthy home-cooked meals.

If you need an easy way out on how to maximise your beauty regime with minimal effort, read on!

1. Drink 7% of Your Body Weight

Someone once shared that we should drink around 7% of our weight every day. Together with regular exercises like running and swimming, he claimed that he lost 10 kilograms in a year.

To calculate the amount of water intake for your body, use your weight multiply by 0.07. E.g. If you’re 90kg, take 90kg x 0.07 and you’ll need to drink 6.3 litres of water daily.

According to a personal fitness entrepreneur, she corroborated the theory as she drinks at least 3 refills of her one-litre water bottle that she carries around (50kg x 0.07 = 3.5L).

I’ve been sticking to this method for the past 3 months and though I’ve not been getting enough sleep, my body feels less heaty when it has enough water in it. I do feel more refreshed, have lesser cravings for sweets and snacks (good side effects!), and my skin doesn’t break out even though I haven’t been for a facial for months.

2. Apply Body Lotion After Shower

As the largest organ in our body, it’s surprising that many of us tend to neglect the skin on our body. Many of my friends claimed that it is troublesome having to apply body lotion every day on top of the usual skincare routine. I used to be guilty of neglecting my skin as well, but I discovered the trick is to place a bottle of lotion somewhere visible in the bathroom so that I’ll have no excuse to skip this routine.

3. Never Skip Your Nighttime Skincare Regime

Though we usually do the basic day skincare routine of toner-serum-eyecream-moisturiser, the issue is that we apply make-up of top of the skincare. So it is inevitable that when your skin absorbs the goodness of the skincare, it also absorbs the impurities from the make-up and the atmosphere.

Apply at least a night-mask or moisturizer before bed time, and let these products work its magic overnight.

4. Use Bold Colors to Make Up for Lack of Sleep

When you’re feeling and looking tired in in the middle of a work day –  the time when you need to be playing your A-game at work, try putting on a bold lip color or eye shadow for a pop of color to make you look more energetic. Be careful not to overdo it though, choosing 1 area of focus will be good enough.

5. Condition Your Hair Before Shampooing

Hair hack alert. According to Nina Dimachki, artistic director for Kérastase, conditioning before shampooing is a great was to add nourishment to fine hair without it being weighed down. It also primes the hair before cleansing, therefore allowing the shampoo to distribute more evenly.

Unfortunately, I have fine hair that’s dry and oily scalp. Ever since I started reversing the shampoo-conditioner sequence about a year ago, I found that my hair doesn’t get weigh down easily like before. Bravo to whoever found out the hack!

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