This Might Be The Best Hydrating Shampoo You’ll Find in 2018

This Might Be The Best Hydrating Shampoo You’ll Find in 2018
Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Despite your efforts to maintain your hair in perfect condition, your hair still look and feel a little less than fabulous - you might be using the wrong hair care products. Choosing the right shampoo is the foundation for healthy and shiny hair, stay away from ingredients like silicone and paraben and opt for products that are formulated with naturally derived moisturising ingredients such as avocado, shea, aloe vera, argan or honey.

Introducing KEVIN.MURPHY, a fashion focused range of salon only, professional, hair care products created by award-winning Australian session stylist, Kevin Murphy, to meet his needs as an editorial hairstylist. Born from the same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY products are designed to weightlessly deliver performance, strength and longevity. And the best thing is, all KEVIN.MURPHY products are consciously created with ethically sourced naturally derived ingredients that are free from paraben and sulphate.

While they look so pretty like something you’d place on your vanity table, these goodies are best left in the shower! Do you know that the square bottles save up to 40% plastic when compared with rounded bottles. All KEVIN.MURPHY packaging and bottles are created with sustainability in mind and are 100% recyclable. It’s really nice to see more beauty companies moving towards eco-friendliness and trying to make their product more sustainable.

My favourite from the brand has got to be their one of their best-seller, the KEVIN.MURPHY HYDRATE-ME range. Quench dull, parched and dry strands with KEVIN.MURPHY HYDRATE-ME.WASH and KEVIN.MURPHY HYDRATE-ME.RINSE, a super-smoothing and hydrating wash & rinse for normal to dry hair.

HYDRATE-ME is KEVIN.MURPHY’s super-smoothing, hydrating line that will replenish hair with much needed moisture. The range is ideal for hair that’s naturally dry, or exposed to harsh, dry climates. It’s packed with antioxidant goodness to help restore a healthy glow to parched locks.

The HYDRATE-ME KEVIN.MURPHY EXPERIENCE (KMX) follows the routine of skincare – it’s a facial for your hair. Begin with MAXI.WASH, a light exfoliant for the hair, followed by HYDRATE-ME.WASH for a personalised cleanse. Finish with HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE and then HYDRATE-ME.RINSE. Just like you need to hydrate the body, you also need to remember to hydrate the hair.


Especially for people with dry hair, renew your hair with power packed encapsulated C and E vitamins, combined with super fruit Kakadu Plum, that is native to the Australian Northern Territory, this fruit has the highest concentration of natural Vitamin C of any known plant. Vitamin C stimulates production of Elasin and Collagen to help maintain hair’s lustre and elasticity. And not forgetting Shea Butter in HYDRATE-ME.WASH and RINSE that moisturises your hair from root to tip to rehydrate and nourish your locks.

After trying the wash and rinse, I’m sold. This revolutionary shampoo lathers really well, rinses easily and it smell divine. The formula is incredibly moisturising and gentle on the scalp, it left my tresses feeling moisturised, smoother, softer and looking glossy without weighing them down. I like how the products are paraben, sulphate and cruelty free, using only natural ingredients that fully cleanses while promoting scalp nutrition and moisture balance at the same time. I’m totally obsessed, this is probably the only wash and rinse that I would want to use all year.

Test them out for yourself and redeem your KEVIN.MURPHY HYDRATE-ME.WASH and KEVIN.MURPHY HYDRATE-ME.RINSE sample on today!

About The Brand

Founder and stylist Kevin Murphy introduced his namesake professional line to fill a need in the world of session styling. While working on set, Murphy found his looks often fell flat. Unsatisfied with conventional hair care products on the market, he turned to advanced skincare technology to deliver weightless texture with gentle formulas created using natural ingredients. Products feature vitamins and amino acids to repair and thicken hair. Weightless moisturisers from high end skin care smooth and soften hair, while antioxidants from fruits and flowers reduce hair breakage and chemical damage.

Today the brand shares cutting edge style via modern technology – straight from the runways of the world to the salon floor, from hair artisan to consumer. KEVIN.MURPHY is recognized as an industry innovator, with its products having received numerous awards worldwide, including a coveted Allure Beauty Breakthrough Award.