The Latest Breakthrough Innovation - by @fortefelicity

The Latest Breakthrough Innovation - by @fortefelicity
Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Collagen is the word on everybody's lips and we have a whole list of collagen related products available, but the big question mark here is whether or not they actually work.

Do these products really boost your collagen, leaving you with smooth and supple skin and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the long run?


Apart from adhering to your daily skincare regimen religiously, what you feed yourself with affects your overall looks! The better stuff you put in your body - water, healthy food, the best selection of health supplements, will directly reflect how you look on the outside.

Awarded with Monde Selection Grand Gold Quality Award (products that are outstanding in terms of the different evaluation criteria), experience collagen at its finest with BRAND’S® InnerShine® latest breakthrough innovation - RubySignature™ formula.


Unlike normal collagen, RubySignature™ formula is created with a unique and precious blend of ingredients derived from natural sources. It contains micro-collagen which replenishes collagen to retain skin suppleness and one of Mother Nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant, Astaxanthin (micro-algae extract) to keep skin firm. Scientifically proven, its anti-oxidant power is 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 800 times more powerful than CoQ10 and 500 times more powerful than Vitamin E.


Collagen is necessary to support the skin’s structural foundation to improve firmness and elasticity for youthful and supple skin. Astaxanthin serves as the perfect complement by acting as a natural shield against the collagen-depleting procedure. In containing both micro-collagen and astaxanthin, RubySignature™ formula defies the ageing process by performing a vital triple-action of supplying collagen, protecting against collagen degradation and delivering collagen actively to skin cells. Designed to complement your topical skincare routine, in 6 weeks experience skin rejuvenating power with BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence*.


*Results may vary according to individuals. Yamashita, E. (2006) The effects of a dietary supplement containing Astaxanthin on skin condition. Carotenoid Science 10:91-95. Base on regular consumption of 2 bottles daily.

You are advised to take 1 to 2 bottles BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence daily, best taken chilled and the product should be consumed straight after opening.

The drink have a berry/grape flavour which makes it an enjoyable drink, having them daily wasn't a chore. It tasted like Ribena pastilles, and fret not there wasn't any fishy taste.

I am not sure if there is a drastic improvement to my skin, or whether I wanted to believe there was an improvement to my skin because the understanding that I was consuming something ‘extra’ that was ‘beneficial’ into my body certainly made me feel good and my skin does feel a little different to the touch, its smoother than before. Personally, I felt that 12 bottles weren't sufficient to witness a dramatic results, 1 to 2 months continuous consumption would be great.


BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence is only exclusively available online at BRAND’S® E-store: If you are not a fan of liquid collagen products, BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence also comes in the form of strips (jelly).

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