Ivy Lim

Who is She

Ivy is a full time IT consultant by day and a beauty blogger during her free time. She's just a simple girl who loves to try things out and share her experience with people.

During her free time, besides spending time with her family, she loves to venture out to try, see and feel new things. Of course as a modern and savvy lady, she loves to share all her interesting findings and experiences through her social media.
About her Blog
The Swanple was born back in November 2012 as a platform for her to share Sites for samples redemption to try before buying. She also shares about sites for contests or giveaways. 
From there, she started to share her unbiased reviews on beauty and fashion products. These do not only restrict to skin care, hair care, makeups or fashions use products. They also consist of products for consumption such as beauty foods or drinks.  
Besides reviews on products, The Swanple also shares services, events, workshops and websites reviews.  
The Swanple believes in sharing the truth through quality reviews and useful photos. The Swanple hopes that everyone finds what they need and benefits from it.