Holly’s 5 Unconventional Secrets for Weight Loss

Holly’s 5 Unconventional Secrets for Weight Loss
Thursday, November 16, 2017

Always wondered how ladies get back into shape after pregnancy? Holly Jean, our Sample Store influencer shares her secrets! 

Here, we uncover her diet secrets:

1. Never Say No To Fat Foods


“We all need fat in our diets so there's no need to cut your favourite fat foods out totally. From my experience, if you deprive yourself of your favourite sinful foods then you only end up craving them more! So never tell yourself NO. Just be mindful about portions and balance it out with some healthy foods too. My favourites are chicken skin and pig trotters. Yay to collagen for youthful skin!”

2. High Protein

“I have always been a meat eater. I find proteins very satisfying and a high protein diet can help you lose weight too. I think it's called the Atkins diet but I don't subscribe to any one diet fad, I just do what I enjoy and what works for me.”

3. Very Low Carbs and Low Sugar

“My diet has always been very low in carbohydrates and sugar. Just try cutting your rice/potato/bread intake by half. You'll be amazed how much previously stored fat your body will burn for energy.”

4. Consume Less Calories Than You’ll Burn


“This is very common sense. Use up more than u put in to your body. Want to eat more? Then make sure u get off your butt and burn even more calories! I may not go to the gym or do sports anymore but I'm always on my feet looking after my toddler.”

5. Raw Foods


“Raw foods are lower in calories and have high water content. This prevents over eating. Beef tartare and salmon sashimi are some good healthy raw and tasty protein options I consume regularly. Have your vegetables raw too. Raw is easy to prepare too (since I'm quite a bad cook haha).“


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- Felicia (@ForteFelicity)