HERA Cell Essence - By Sheena Phua

HERA Cell Essence - By Sheena Phua
Friday, April 5, 2019

HERA’s best-selling Cell Essence is well loved by celebs, makeup artists and K-beauty junkies. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I finally got my hands on this highly raved pre-essence!

The secret behind Korean “Glass Skin”

HERA Cell Essence uses 8 skincare activators that mimic the essential nutrients in the body needed for hydration. It fills and locks in body fluid with strong skin-activating ingredients that penetrates deep into the skin, right down to the molecule level. It helps to remove dead skin cells and increase moisture for that clear, dewy, porcelain-like skin every girl dream of.

The first step to my beauty regime after cleansing, is the HERA Cell Essence. I like to sprinkle the essence on my hands and gently pat it into the face with my fingertips before going in with my toner. I don’t usually use cotton pads to avoid product wastage.

As I have oily and sensitive skin, I tend to be very careful with my choice of skincare products so that it doesn’t clog my pores or cause breakouts. When the pre-essence is applied onto my skin, it gives a light and refreshing texture that gets absorbed easily without leaving a sticky residue. I really like that because my skin doesn’t appear too shiny!

After using the product both morning and night for 6 consecutive days, my skin felt firmer and more hydrated. It even offered quick relief to reduce inflammation of my period zits - brownie points for that! My foundation glides onto my skin more easily giving me a flawless and dewy finish.

Challenge yourself to HERA #MyGlassSkinEssence 6 days challenge! Redeem your complimentary HERA Cell Essence here: https://www.samplestore.com/custom/index/index/id/3293. Every sample kit comes with hydration test strips so that you can measure the before and after results after 6 days.