Have A Memorable Christmas Feast at Home with Délifrance

Have A Memorable Christmas Feast at Home with Délifrance
Saturday, November 17, 2018

Whether it’s your first time hosting a Christmas dinner or you’ve been doing it for years, it is always a delight to serve a scrumptious spread for your family and friends at your Christmas dinner table. Skip the menu-planning stress this Christmas and devote your time doing something jolly because Délifrance will be doing all the hard work for you to wow everyone from your traditionalist grandma to your glutton best friend.

From savoury appetisers to delectable desserts, Délifrance has an extensive Christmas menu that has something for everyone!

Nothing gets a Christmas dinner started like some Christmas party delights. Entice your guests with Christmas Prawn & Peach Sandwiches - succulent prawns, juicy peach, fresh lettuce and tomatoes all housed in Délifrance’s signature butter croissant.

Or tempt them with sweet treats like Chocolate Raspberry Danish, the classic French pastry brims with rich chocolate and raspberry sauce, Dark Chocolate Rocher (almond confectionaries that are coated with dark chocolate and crispy crunchies as an added indulgence) or Christmas Party Cakes (Red Velvet, Chocolate Crumbs and Cream Cheese log cakes) to munch on while they mingle. These are a perfect prelude to the big meal, just make sure your guests don’t go overboard with these snacks or they will be too full to enjoy the big dinner.

After these appetisers, we are sure that your guests will be salivating in anticipation of a traditional roasted turkey. Whether your crowd prefers red meat or white meat, simple or super flavourful, Délifrance carries 4 roasted meat options:

1. Traditional Roasted Turkey

The classic taste of Christmas. Délifrance’s rendition is stuffed with flavourful chestnut and marinated with a special sauce. It also comes with savoury brown sauce and cranberry sauce, both of which enliven the meat.

2. Roasted Beef Striploin

A tender and juicy cut of beef cured with chef's seasoning. The striploin is accompanied by moreish black pepper sauce which added loads of flavour to the meat.

3. Honey Glazed Chicken Ham

Baked to golden perfection, and brushed with a delightful layer of sweet honey.

4. Boneless Chicken Meat Loaf

Traditional roasts aside, this juicy offering made with succulent chicken, spinach, chicken ham and chipolata.

Because even the fanciest of roasts would be nothing without sides, there are several comforting dishes like Potato Gratin and Vegetable Lasagne.

End your meal on a high note with sweets that capture the spirit of the season. No Christmas is complete without log cakes! Délifrance log cakes has always been a must-have at all Christmas dinner. Rich and irresistible, the 1.2-kg Joy of Délifrance is a best seller, and it features sweet Valrhona chocolate encased in velvety chocolate cake. This is sure to be a hit among the kids and adults.

Another showstopper is the 1-kg Chocolate Crumbs and Cream Cheese log cake. Made with 100% cookie crumbs, cream cheese and layers of light sponge cake, every bite exudes a robust flavour and crunchy excitement. These two offerings will definitely sweeten the memories of your Christmas celebrations.

Also, Délifrance has got several new launches for this magical season:

1. Red Velvet Cake

This 1-kg log cake is made with moist cocoa sponge layered with luscious frosting. Nothing brightens up your party like this delightful log cake.

2. Fruit Cake

This 400-gram candied cake comprising nuts, dried fruits and spices is a cherished holiday tradition.

3. Gingerbread Loaf with Icing

Bound to be a hit is this moist, gingery-spiced loaf of cake-like bread, topped with a generous amount of icing. You can’t stop at one slice.

4. Gingerbread Rocher

These gingery-spiced, almond confectionaries covered with white chocolate are irresistible! Crunchy, sweet and spicy, a model for sugar, spice and all things nice.

5. Christmas Star

Indulge in the chocolate star, a miracle gift for someone's dream to come true!

6. Christmas Muffins

Sometimes simple, sometimes fancy, always festive and delicious. These delightful Cinnamon Walnut/Chocolate and Blackcurrant muffin treats are great for gifting.

These sweet treats represent the magical intersection of delicious, easy, festive, and party-friendly.

With a mere month left till Christmas, its time to nail down your party menu if you haven't yet. Délifrance is offering a 15% early bird special that will be ending on 30 November 2018. Order now!