Glow Getters: 5 K-Beauty 1-Step Wonders For Radiant Skin

Glow Getters: 5 K-Beauty 1-Step Wonders For Radiant Skin
Monday, November 13, 2017

Gone are the days when you need to applying bottles and bottles of skincare products to achieve luminous skin. We’ve launched a series of K-beauty products on Sample Store and these are our favourite 1-step wonders which give us radiant skin and these products also help us to save time on our beauty regimen.

1. su:m37 Secret Essence

The luxurious su:m37 Secret Essence is packed with antioxidants that helps to improve the skin’s tone, brilliance firmness, texture and hydration. The exclusively patented ferulic acid found in Secret Essence helps activate the star ingredient, Cytosis® which is essential in re-building the foundation of good skin and strengthening it against external stressors and pollution. An efficacy study on 100 women aged 25 to 35 years showed 99.8% skin improvement (in the five components) satisfaction after just two weeks of use.  Treat yourself to this extraordinary essence today.


2. Clelit Milky Flower Mask Pack

With a blend of milk and flowers, Clelit Milky Flower Mask Pack, promises to brighten uneven skin tone. Relieve stress with each application and indulge in its therapeutic scent. Achieving brighter and radiant skin just got a whole lot easier.


3. Cre8skinN Salmon Oil Cream

We all know that salmon is the one of the world’s best superfood that is good for the body. But do you know that salmon is good for our skin as well? Cre8skinN Salmon Oil Cream contains Vitamin A, D and E which are found in Alaskan Salmon and Caviar. The moisturised and unsaturated fatty acid helps to protect the skin from pollutant. Rich nutrition of this product tightens the skin, prevents aging skin, and improves skin elasticity. Containing extracts from 4 natural plants namely, Centella, Common Purslane, Bundle and Kelp, it helps to soften skin texture, revitalising dark and dull skin to bright and lively skin.


4. YEONHEE™ Intensive Brightening Ampoule

YEONHEE™ Intensive Brightening Ampoule is formulated to target dull and congested skin. The lightweight yet powerful ampoule helps to brighten, moisturise and clarify the skin. The results? Smoother and younger looking skin!


5. PIME Remade Ampoule

PIME Remade Ampoule contains natural skin-friendly ingredients that keeps nasty acne at bay while leaving the skin looking smooth and radiant. Formulated with 20 over natural ingredients, the ampoule also helps to improve skin’s elasticity and moisture level. Solve your skincare woes with PIME Remade Ampoule today!

If you’re still unsure on which product to try, how about getting all the samples of these products from Sample Store and find out which product suits you best!

- Felicia (@ForteFelicity)