Get To Know Sample Store Ambassador’s Pearly Tan

Get To Know Sample Store Ambassador’s Pearly Tan
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Want to know more about Sample Stores ambassador, Pearly Tan? Read on to find out as she shares more about herself and her beauty secrets!

1) Many of my followers wonder what I do on a day to day basis, and ask me if I am a full-time blogger. Truth is, I am not a full time blogger, I do have a day job and attend regular classes related to my field of work to continuously upgrade myself. It is just that I run my own business so I am allowed to better manage my own timing. You can check out my Instagram account (@pearlywerkz) if you wish to find out more about what I am doing.

2) With such a hectic schedule, how do I take care of my skin? I honestly believe less is more when it comes to skincare and I only use products that are suitable for my skin type. I used to accept all types of skincare products sponsorship for reviews in the past, but now I am very stringent in selecting only products that are suitable for sensitive skin types. I will even go into researching about the ingredients that goes into the making of the products. If you have been following me closely enough, you will also notice that I have gone into recommending products for eczema skin type.

3) What are the skincare that I cannot live without?
No matter how busy I get, there are still some products that I will never omit in my skincare regime, things like a milk or oil based make-up remover to thoroughly remove any trace of make-up before I hit the sack. A good face cleanser and moisturizer is also critical to remove the dirt on my face. As I have a sensitive skin, I also constantly try to keep my face moisturized and hydrated. Another of my must have is sunblock! Despite having SPF in most of the make-up products I still believe in investing on a good sunblock.

4) Because of my skin condition, I am very particular about what I eat and try to eat healthily whenever I can. I consume herbal soups because they are crucial in keeping me hydrated as well as nourishing my body. I also go for fruit juices and increase my daily water intake by taking fruit infused drinks.

5) How long do I plan to continue blogging?
As long as someone is still reading my blog, I will continue my blogging journey and continue writing.

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