Get a Good Photo of Yourself with These 5 Different Poses and Angles

Get a Good Photo of Yourself with These 5 Different Poses and Angles
Wednesday, January 9, 2019

In 2019, it’s all about angles.

Everyone is trying to get an aesthetic photo of themselves because it’s for the ‘gram. At every opportunity or “hipster” locations, admit it you’ll probably ask your friend, partner or even your parents to snap a good photo of you.

And after 20 photos of the same or various poses, you’d delete them because they’re not how you’d it to turn out. Most of the time it’s not them, it’s you!

Your poses and angles matter for a good photo of yourself.

1.  Make Yourself Look Taller

If you’re a short or petite person, you should make yourself look taller. So, it’s typical for people to angle themselves like on the left picture, but that actually makes you look even shorter.

What you should do is to ask the person behind the camera to go low and tilt the camera back a little. That way, you make yourself look taller in the picture. Kind of like an illusion, however it’s all about the angles.

Crossing your legs together works as well or put your best leg forth and arch it as if you’re wearing a 2-inch heel.

2. Looking Lean

Make use of your surroundings and if you’re sitting down, you want to make your legs look longer and leaner. Yes, it looks cute to pose like the one of the left however you’re compressing yourself.

Stick one leg out and the other behind it (applies if you’re at the stairs as well), lean back and fix you hair. Angle yourself at 45 degree that it’s leaning to the left or right. There you go, you look more leaner!

Also, the person behind the camera to take it at a low angle with camera tilt back. If having the other hand propping somewhere else is awkward position, elegantly comb your hair to the back and play around with it.

3. Look Slimmer

I know, it’s not easy to physically slim yourself but it’s easy to pose such that you look slim! You would want to create that slender and streamline figure to look slim. Looking directly at the camera is not as slim as looking from the side.

Have the person behind the camera to snap your photo with a little higher angle and turn your body to the side a bit and don’t forget to relax your arms, then you can go ahead look at an angle or off the side whilst smiling.

Your profile will look a lot slimmer!

4. Elongate Those Arms

Insecure of taking photos especially if you have flabby arms, then elongate them. You don’t always have to put your arms by the side and be carefree.

Don’t clench your fists or twist them together, let them relax or point somewhere in one direction. Unlike the one of the left, you make yourself look wider instead.

You can look wherever you want for this pose because what’s important is making your upper body look more elongated.

5. Portrait Perfect

#Selfie! Who doesn’t want to look good for the up-close or portrait shoots?

It’s important that you know your good side well. Bad sides are unavoidable, so try your best to show off your good side. Take a selfie just above the eye level with your head slightly tilted down to one side, making your chin and cheek bone visible. Thus, a slimming angle.

Looking directly at the camera makes you look wide and never force a smile. Let it come or practice it. The best is that you laugh naturally, because when you laugh your natural smile shines.


Step up on your Instagram posts and slay it with vanity. 2019 is full of new exciting events as well as new locations to take your #ootd. Now you know how to flaunt a good pose for a good photo!