Get Beautiful Hair Like A Model, Why Everyone Needs Keratin Treatment

Get Beautiful Hair Like A Model, Why Everyone Needs Keratin Treatment
Friday, July 21, 2017

Keratin Treatment is the protein that keeps our skin waterproof, gives us strong nails, and fix dry and damaged hair. 


How To Tell If We Need Keratin Treatment?

A quick way to tell if your hair needs a protein boost is either by spotting limp-looking hair, or using the hair strand test.

All you’ve got to do is wet a strand of hair, and gently start pulling on it. If the strand stretches then snaps without returning to the original shape, it needs more protein. On a side note, if it snaps immediately, your hair needs more moisture.

One good way to boost the level of keratin in your hair is through keratin treatment. You most probably aren’t going to regret it.



How Does Keratin Treatment Work?

The treatment helps to smoothen your hair out – it repairs the frizz to make it more manageable, reduces breakage, and restores its shine – leaving you with much healthier locks!

The devil is in the detail. Make sure you take extremely good care of your hair post-treatment if you really want it to last for a while.

Post Keratin Treatment Do’s & Don’ts

Avoid hairstyling products, wetting or tying your hair for the first 72 hours. Also, be very careful about picking out the right shampoo and don’t wash your hair so frequently. If your hair does get wet, blow dry and use a flat iron.


Keratin treatment also spells bad news for those who love swimming. Go for those that are sulfate-free lest you see the frizz returning in no time. You may want to check with your hairstylist on which formula to get. With some TLC, your hair is going to last up to three months.

Tried keratin treatment before? We’d love to hear about your experience!

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