Don’t Beat Around The Bush: Learn How To Tame Your Thick, Frizzy Hair

Don’t Beat Around The Bush: Learn How To Tame Your Thick, Frizzy Hair
Saturday, May 18, 2019

Growing up with thick hair, I didn't know how to properly take care of it. My haircare routine consisted of using the same shampoo and conditioner for years and I would occasionally brush my hair, and … that was it! With such a brief unbothered hair routine, there was no surprise of my thick hair becoming bushy, dull and frizzy. Definitely not a pretty sight to look at.

Sick of my dry and untamed hair, I figured a way to change my sad hair routine and sure enough, found ways to turn a complete 180 degree on my hair condition. I actually managed to get soft, and shiny hair which was a pretty big deal considering I was struggling with frizzy and dry ends for most of my life.

Here are the #confirmed ways to attain the hair I have always wanted!

1. Trim Your Ends

First and foremost, trim those dead ends off. If you have long, damaged and frizzy hair, there would be presence of hair breakage and split ends.The basics of split-ends that you need to know are these:

- They occur at the end of your hair strand due to drying conditions such as dehydration, brittleness of the hair strands

- They are the most common occurrence over the course of your hair lifetime, you cannot avoid split ends

- Due to appearing dry and brittle, they lead to the lack of “shine” in your hair

- They won't go/repair back to healthy hair, rather they travel up the hair strand

Damaged hair strands would be harder to repair once it becomes a major portion of your hair.

The best thing to do would be to cut off the damaged parts to leave room for healthier hair growth.

2. Change Your Haircare Products

It all starts with not the products, but the ingredients that you choose.With frizzy and damaged hair, I was aiming for the opposite - smooth, sleek and shiny hair. So I aimed at selecting my haircare products based on the ingredients that would solve my problem.

My previous shampoo had a  troublemaker ingredient which I carelessly ignored - sulfates. How do sulfates affect hair? Sulfates help to remove oil and dirt from your hair but they strip natural oils from the hair, sucking out the moisture.This leads to the frizzy and dry texture of my hair ends from repeated use of the wrong hair products.

With what I was aiming for, the Moist Diane Extra Shine Shampoo and Treatment seemed the most ideal. I could heal my damaged hair locks with the combined power of the main ingredients of  keratin and natural oils - both concentrated on mainly hydration and hair protection which was what my hair needed.

After two washes, you can see the difference with your hair. Your strands feel and look softer. Hence, It’s always best to understand what is your hair being affected by, then switch to a haircare that solves the problem. For the best and fastest results, try the entire range! You can redeem a sample to see the results for yourself!

3. Use a Weekly Hair Mask

Hair Masks may seem like a time luxury. However, they do provide long term benefits for your hair. For people with thick dry damaged hair, this will be your next best friend. Try Ma Cherie Fragrance Gloss Mask. The mask is formulated with hydrating and beneficial ingredients that helps to seal in moisture as well as repair those deprived hair roots. The fresh, sweet-scented mask contains rosehip oil,  which adds a gleam to your locks - A dream for those with dull strands. This can be used more than the recommended usage depending on the extent of the hair damage.

4. Daily Treatment

On top of your regular hair wash and an occasional hair mask, a daily treatment will help greatly. LUCIDO-L Argan Rich Oil Hair Treatment Oil notably has many benefits for thick, frizzy and damaged hair. The reason being its main functions of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids. All of which protects the hair follicles from breaking down, protection of heat damage and increase the density of the hair. In addition, oils work on adding an additional protective barrier to the hair. This greatly contributes to the appearance of “shiny hair”. The healthier your hair on the inside, the more it will show on the outside.

Not only is it enough to switch up your hair wash routine, add an aftercare routine as well. Apply by massaging the oil once every day, letting all the nutrients, antioxidants and penetrating deep into the hair.This would enable your hair to have the nourishment it needs to be combined every day for fast results. After a week, you should be seeing results of smoother, less frizzy and soft hair. Start your daily hair treatment now!

Remember, it all starts with the effect you would like to have. I wanted sleek, shiny and smoother hair, hence I aimed for the respective ingredients that would provide the benefits needed to change my hair. Pick the correct ingredients, make the changes in your hair routine and you will see the results! If I had damaged hair for most of my life and can switch it within a matter of weeks, so can you


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