Did You Know? Makeup Products Can Expire

Did You Know? Makeup Products Can Expire
Monday, October 15, 2018

Nothing lasts forever. By now you know that you shouldn't eat anything past its expiration date. This also applies to your makeup. Some of you might realise and some might not. But yes, makeups do expire; nothing lasts forever.

Why adhere to expiration dates?

When you eat something that is long past its expiration date, your body receives negative reactions to it. Same goes for makeup products. You don’t want to apply something which is expired onto your skin right?

Cosmetics trap bacteria

If your makeup tools could trap bacteria, so does your makeup. Basically you’re applying makeup with the same tools, sweeping bacteria back and forth while picking up new bacteria and introducing it to your makeup.

Using old makeup may not be fatal but infections contracted from expired products may not be fatal but it’s not worth infecting yourself with potential infections. Never take a risk on using expired makeup thinking that it’s nothing.

You don’t want those horrifying cases of people getting nasty infections when applying makeup testers, happen to you right? Same thing might happen if you use expired makeups, think about it.

How to determine expiration date?

Most products should have this symbol (image above) either on the product itself or the packaging. That’s the Period After Opening (POA) symbol, which acts as a guideline as to when you should toss it away after opening it.

However, for instance the POA symbol is not displayed on your products continue reading the next few points for our makeup expiration dates guide as well as tips!

Expiration Date guide for makeup products

What can you do?

First things first, remember to pen down, take note or label the makeup product when it is first opened.

Go to your nearest pharmacy store, buy isopropyl alcohol and a small spray bottle. Pour the isopropyl alcohol into the spray bottle and spritz away on your makeup once or twice. Allow it to dry before using it.

Also, keep an eye on little changes on your product such as color, smell, texture of white spots appearing because they have a big impact your skin’s health. Without a doubt, your makeup has gone bad so throw them away!


While it may be hard to part with your makeup, it's definitely worth it in the long run. Some products might seemed to be fine to continue using after they've expired but its best not to. If you're worried about the negative side effects from using old makeup, remember: When in doubt, toss it away!