Creating The Perfect Double Eyelids By Cynthia Oh

Creating The Perfect Double Eyelids By Cynthia Oh
Saturday, January 6, 2018

One of the common concern that I often get are "I have a big/small eyes", "My eyes are too small", "I wish that I have double eyelids". Being a makeup expert, I’m used to correcting eyes issues that my clients face. So I will be sharing my secrets to create the perfect double eyelids the easiest and fastest way.

The easiest and fastest way to create beautiful double eyelids is to use Double Eyelid Tape.

What kind of double eyelid stickers should I purchase?

There are many varieties on the shelves but a safe bet will be the typical 3M Medical Grade Eye Tape (just look out for the 3M logo on the packaging) that is gentle and natural for sticking on the eye area. I highly recommend to get the pre cut ones.

For today's illustration, I will be using a Korean brand, Darkness Double Eyelid Tapes. The product is available at all major Sasa stores or online.

Before Application

It is important to note that you should not apply any sunblock or makeup products on your eyelids before you paste the eye tape. This is important because the tape tends to trap makeup and products causing the tape to lose its elasticity thus falling off halfway through the day. 

Girls With Monolids

The key is to stick the eye tape as close as possible to the lash line.

Girls With Inner or Double Eyelids

For most of you, pasting the pre cut eye tape in the middle on your eyes’ existing crease line typically works. If it doesn’t try again to find the best position to get the natural looking double eye lids. Also, if one eye has a lower double eyelid, paste the tape higher on the lower side and lower on the higher side for both side to look balanced.

Once you’ve got your perfect double eyelids, then you can start to apply your skincare and makeup products as per usual.