Coming Clean: 4 Cleansers To Start The Year Right With - By Vanessa Chia

Coming Clean: 4 Cleansers To Start The Year Right With - By Vanessa Chia
Friday, January 25, 2019

Efficient cleansers that remove makeup, dirt and impurities for a clean, clear and glowing complexion.

Allies of Skin Fresh Slate™ Vitamin C & Enzymes Brightening Cleanser + Masque

It Says: A cleanser and mask in one, it removes light makeup while the use of fruit enzymes in the formula help remove dead skin cells while brightening the complexion at the same time.

It Does: The subtle scent makes washing up pleasant, and it does remove traces of light makeup, leaving complexion soft and smooth after. But what I found works best is when I’m short on time, I apply a thick layer in the morning, then brush my teeth while the mask gets to work. After that, I rinse off everything and I get a brighter, softer and smoother complexion that creates the perfect base for makeup application. 

With Foreo: Because this cleanser does not foam up, I felt that it was not very suitable to be used together with the Foreo cleansing device as it can aggravate the skin without any cushion to glide on.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars | Retailing at $59 (70ml)

GLAMGLOW Supercleanse™ Clearing Cream-to-Foam Cleanser

It Says: A cleanser that contains a blend of three different charcoals to detoxify the skin, get rid of blemish-causing bacteria and control excess sebum production for a clean and clear complexion.

It Does: As with most foam cleansers, this is great at leaving skin feeling squeaky clean. However, it can leave the skin feeling a little tight at times. Though I really like the fresh minty sensation it left after cleansing; it’s a lovely welcome especially when the day has been really hot. The upside is that when I used this in the week leading up to my monthly cycle, it was helpful in keeping my complexion less oily, which did contribute to my complexion having less blemishes during that period. Instead of using this daily, I would prefer this as once to twice a week cleanser option. 

With Foreo: With its fluffy foam, this is ideal to use with the Foreo cleansing device. It’s able to reach those hard-to-reach spots like around the nose, helping to remove dirt and impurities, especially blemish-causing bacteria, trapped within the pores.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 Stars | Retailing at $44 (150g)

FRESH Peony Brightening Foam Face Cleanser

It Says: A gentle foam cleanser that thoroughly removes dirt and impurities while leaving the complexion brighter instantly.

It Does: The light, velvety soft foam feels like a milky cleanser on the skin, so it’s gentle enough even for my somewhat sensitive skin. It’s great as a morning cleanser to freshen the skin and senses yet it doesn’t dry the skin, so skin feels clean and soft. Still waiting to see the brightening effects though. 

With Foreo: Works perfectly with the Foreo cleansing device thanks to the cushiony foam. And when used together, it really leaves skin feeling clean, but more importantly, not dry and tight.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 Stars | Retailing at $64 (125ml)


It Says: A cleansing device that uses unique T-sonic pulsations to deeply cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells and even dirt and impurities trapped within the pores. Also uses low frequency pulsations to enhance the absorption of skincare products that follow to keep skin healthy and youthful.

It Does: This is more than a cleansing device. The concentric pads on one side help dislodge dirt and bacteria to keep pores clog-free while deeply cleansing the skin at the same time. While are concentric waves on the other side help massage the skin and skincare products absorb better. Feels like I’m getting a professional facial massage at times too. Plus, the silicone material means everything can be thoroughly cleaned after use, so it’s more hygienic too. And each charge lasts a really long time, so I don’t have to keep fiddling with it every few days.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars | Retailing at $319