Botanify & Transform Your Home with a Hint of Your Zodiac Colors

Botanify & Transform Your Home with a Hint of Your Zodiac Colors
Sunday, January 13, 2019

It’s about time you decorate your home as you welcome 2019 and.. Chinese New Year! As spring slowly blossoms into January, what better way than to use various flowers with its color matching your Zodiac?

So, not only you get to beautify your home but bring in luck as well!

Lucky Color Red

We all know the story of Nian as it was defeated with the color red (fire & noise), thus red bringing in good luck and fortune for all.

Lucky for you, you’re not defeating any beast for New Year but just get your red on. Speaking of which, those born in the Year of the Goat and Monkey, get those hibiscus vibes around.

Surprisingly, those flowers are edible with a taste of citrus and it could also be dried up to make tea (please don’t pluck it from the parks or gardens)!

Lucky Color Blue

Ever wondered why majority of hospitals incorporate blue everywhere? Well, the color blue as well as shades of green or blue are used to decorate homes for longevity and harmony (calming effect in terms of color theory).

Therefore, those born in the Year of the Pig, Goat, Dog & Rat, you know what color to choose now! And let blue orchids welcome you home, as it symbolizes strength and don’t we all need it to go through 2019 as well as family bonds?

Lucky Color Green

When your lucky color is Green, you better be feeling lucky because money and health is going to be by your side. To those lucky ones born in the Year of the Rat, Snake, Monkey and Dog, 2019’s going to be good.

Now, with that go make your home look like a botanical garden with filled with lush greenery. Hang a few vines across the ceiling or maybe some potted plants?

Lucky Color White

Although white is associated with mourning but there’s much more positivity to it such as brightness, purity and fulfilment. Friends and families born in the Year of the Rat, Tiger and Monkey, you have various flowers which are white to choose from!

The most popular ones however are white roses, orchid, tulips, carnation, hibiscus and so on and so forth. White flowers also gives a nice roomy feeling in your home; something fresh to look at.

Lucky Color Brown

Aiming to be the best? Then you must be born in the Year of the Rabbit, Dragon and Rooster. As brown symbolizes a sense of establishment and is hard-working.

2019 is the year for you to strive as well as flourish your home with dried flowers. There has been a resurgence of dried flowers now as home decor as it gives a more aesthetic vibe to it.

It may be intimidating however opt for low-maintenance varieties such as eucalyptus, tallow berry and cotton when curating your dried arrangement. Just get a nice clear vase and pop those dried flowers in and place them on the shelves or mantel.

Lucky Color Pink

Pink is not a common color amongst the Chinese culture however it symbolizes love. So love is in the air for those born in the Year of the Ox, Rabbit ad Horse.

Pink flowers comes in various shades and tints, so there’s no rule saying that you can’t stick with one. But I’d go for Vanda Miss Joaquim, which is Singapore’s national flower as well. You’d probably seen in somewhere in Botanic Gardens or few spots around Singapore.

Here’s wishing every a prosperous Chinese New Year ahead!