Body Wash vs Bar Soap: Which Is More Nourishing For Your Skin?

Body Wash vs Bar Soap: Which Is More Nourishing For Your Skin?
Friday, October 6, 2017

Getting the right body cleanser can mean difference to your skin, either soft and smooth skin or skin that’s less-than-stellar. But the question is, there are countless options out there, which cleanser should we choose?

Here, we break down the differences between body wash and bar soaps to give you an idea on which one is better for your cleansing needs.

Bar Soap


For many years, bar soaps are known to be harsh on the skin as they contains more alkaline ingredients that may strip off essential lipids and proteins found on the skin surface that help maintain your moisture barrier. But not all are made the same. These days, most bar soaps especially organic bar soaps contains moisture-rich ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, and botanical oils which leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. So it is important to find out the ingredients used before making a purchase.

Body Wash


Body washes are more hydrating than bar soaps because they contain emollients which is also known as skin-softeners. It helps to improve dryness on the skin and these cleansers usually soften your skin well enough so that you can skip post-shower lotion. Not to forget, body washes are generally more expensive.

Like all the products in the market, there are pros and cons to both bar soap and body wash. It all depends on your skin needs and you have to test drive a few to see which suit you more!

- Felicia (@ForteFelicity)

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