Friday, June 30, 2017

Not all oils are bad, and Argan oil certainly isn’t one of them.  The best thing is, it doesn’t leave a trace of greasy discomfort.

Although it is more expensive as compared to other carrier oils, chances are that every drop of it is going to be worth your every penny. From your head right to the soles of your feet, this oil is certainly one to include in your beauty routine.

Massaging a couple of drops onto your scalp has a moisturizing effect and can help get rid of that embarrassing dandruff. Use it as a leave-in conditioner and say goodbye to that untamed frizz and split ends, and look forward to softer and healthier looking hair.  For starters, you might want to give Baby Bright’s Argan Oil Hair Essence Mist a go.


Argan oil is great for all skin types! Those with oily skin do not have to worry about the oil clogging up your pores. It helps with sebum control and treats acne scars, and reduces inflammation.
Looking for a solution to counter pre-mature aging? Consider that done. Use it as a serum by dabbing two drops of it on your face every night for a more hydrated and flawless look in no time.
Pamper your face with Luxury Soo’s Sheet Mask for a taste of its moisturizing goodness. Check out Sample Store for the brand’s other mask varieties. 


Argan oil is just as trusty on your body as it is on your face and hair.  Even razor burns, bumps and in-grown hair are not going to bring you do.  You can absolutely count on it to hydrate dry skin.  You may also want to try out Que Origin’s bath gels which are infused with Argan oil as well. They are available in three scents. But the one magical property that many women swear by is how effective this oil is at lightening and minimizing the occurrence of stretch marks.