This Acid Will Make Your Skin Glow

This Acid Will Make Your Skin Glow
Monday, July 2, 2018

The word ‘acid’ may sound harsh, as it conjures up images of bubbling test tubes and thoughts of scary chemical burns. But these days, acids are the star ingredient in many skincare products. When used at right concentration, acids are actually pretty great for your skin (burning sensation is not included). Whether your skincare concern is acne, aging or dull complexion, there’s an acid for it!

And this product has got to be one of the best of the bunch - Dr. Hsieh 10% Mandelic Acid Home-Peeling Liquid.

Mandelic Acid, a form of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), is the ‘new kid on the block’ that you’d swap into your skincare routine instead of your regular exfoliator. It helps to remove dead skin to restore a healthier and brighter skin, treat blocked pores, prevent acne and address sun damage issues. It is also the go-to-anti-aging ingredient that helps in skin regeneration, minimises the appearance of fine lines, lightens pigmentations and stimulates collagen that gives your skin youthful firmness.

Derived from bitter almonds, natural plant extracts and free from alcohol and fragrance, Dr. Hsieh 10% Mandelic Acid Home-Peeling Liquid provides users superficial dermal peeling that is more gentle than other AHAs. Because of its larger molecular structure compared to other AHAs like glycolic acid, this allows mandelic acid to penetrate into the skin more slowly which in turn makes it less irritating and very gentle and suitable for daily use and for all skin types, especially oily and acne-prone skin. The peeling acid is exceptionally effective in eliminating excess sebum from your face which helps to keep acnes at bay.

Like your average exfoliator, use this after you’ve removed your makeup, cleansed your face and before toner application. If you’ve sensitive skin, do a skin sensitivity test before using.

With continuous use, you will noticed that your skin will be smoother, softer and glowing.

Redeem Dr. Hsieh 10% Mandelic Acid Home-Peeling Liquid samples to try at home today: