Achieve Clear & Acne-Free Skin with Jones (Miwitch)

Achieve Clear & Acne-Free Skin with Jones (Miwitch)
Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sample Store’s Ambassador, Jones, widely known as Miwitch, had been through bad skin days and she would like to share tips and tricks to get the clear and radiant skin you’ve always wanted.

1. Less Carb, Sugar, Oil & Processed Food

“Since young, I paid little attention to what I eat. I love carb loaded food, processed food and carbonated beverages. When I was in my late 20s, I realised that my skin became more oily, I experienced recurring breakouts and serious skin infections on my jaw, neck, décolleté and back. Then I realised that my unhealthy eating habit could be the cause. These skin conerns were the signs of imbalance gut bacteria. Hence, I started to change my diet by reducing the amount of carb, sugar, oil and process food intake. I begin to consume more protein-rich food, vegetables, fruits and water. The results from the change of my diet was significant as I witnessed that my acne issues and skin infection had subsided in a short period of time.”

2. Consuming Probiotic Supplements

“To further balance my gut flora which could also help in building my overall body immunity, I start to take probiotic supplements every morning before breakfast. 1 capsule of probiotic supplement contains 40 billion viable cells (good bacteria). It is 6 times higher in beneficial bacteria than probiotic dairy product like your yogurt drink.”

3. Use Anti-bacterial, Natural & Skin-Friendly Skincare Products

“Even with a healthier diet, I still experience breakouts once in a blue moon as I have combination oily skin. With my 10 years experience in skincare and makeup blogging, I’m privileged to learn a thing or two from skincare experts and dermatologists. I learnt that the bacteria on our skin accumulates easily, using certain skincare products aid in reducing the growth of bacteria and prevent breakouts. To combat my skin troubles, I incorporated unrefined cold pressed pure oils to my daily skincare regimen. The most common anti-bacterial oils for oily and acne-prone skin is Rosehip Oil. Skincare and makeup products containing rose essential oil are generally beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin. Rosehip oil helps to moisturise the skin, prevent clogged pores, heal acnes and lighten acne scars.

4. Products’ Manufacturing and Expiration Dates

“At times, I experienced recurring breakouts on my face and there is a high possibility that the products used might be expired or has gone bad. On a daily basis, I use a whole lot of skincare products and it is tricky to identify which one has gone bad. Therefore, I pay attention to the product’s manufacturing date, expiry date and when was the last time I opened the products. If I have products sitting on my vanity table for a long period of time maximum 3-12 months depending on the product type, I would discard them. The longer that the products are stored, the more bacteria would grow on the product. To avoid applying a layer of bacteria on the face, pay close attention to these dates”

5. Replace Your Pillow Case Frequently Or…

“Most of us spend 6-8 hours a day on our pillow and bed on a daily basis. And do you know that our pillowcases can house dirt and oil? Imagine having your face on a dirty pillow for the whole time, bacteria will be all over your hair and face! Instead of changing my pillow case every other day, I actually have a hack for it. I lay a bath towel or a couple of face towels over my pillow for a fresh and clean “pillow" every night. With this method, I know that the pillow isn't the reason that I experience breakouts!”

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- Felicia (@ForteFelicity)