8 Delicious Products to Win The Hearts of Your Family This Chinese New Year

8 Delicious Products to Win The Hearts of Your Family This Chinese New Year
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Gift of Food and Drinks to your loved ones! Who can resist or reject the gift of food! We’re all sourcing for varieties of food and drinks to try and you’re in luck because we have them here in Sample Store.

When you gift to someone, pretty sure they feel obligated to give something back to you (maybe not everyone) however it’s worth a shot! Because you’re killing two birds with one stone. You get to make your loved ones happy and get more Ang Bao!

Here, we’re listing 8 different food and drinks and yours to choose from! 

Chinese New Year Gift 1: GRANDNEST

For your grandma that always showers you with gifts and love.

Getting health supplements as a gift for your loved ones indicates that you care and want them to stay healthy. So why not get the best for your loving grandma; GRANDNEST. You can find four different types of beverages which brings in various health benefits.

1. Rock sugar - With pandan which is good for the general.

2. Sugar free - Contains natural alcoholic-based sugar which gives the similar sweetness as ordinary sugar which is suitable for those who have diabetes or wants to find a sugar substitution.

3. Cordycep - Targets mostly on stabilizing kidney functions, promoting immune systems, increases lung efficiency whilst balancing out blood pressure.

4. Ginseng - Promotes  rehabilitation in body system, increases immune system and slows down deterioration.

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Chinese New Year Gift 2: I-MEI Milk Puff

For your little cousins that can’t keep their hands off your phone.

Keep your cousins busy with I-MEI Milk Puff, a snack great for all ages.

I-MEI Milk Puff is one of the best selling snack in Taiwan. A crunchy puff with smooth creamy filling. An unforgettable delicacy that no one can resist.

Even though it’s called a puff, it has a crisp layer with all those creamy filled goodness locked inside. So no worries about getting a soggy cream puff!

This is the perfect go-to snack for Chinese New Year and now you can have your phone back but beware, they may ask you for more as this snack is highly addictive!

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Chinese New Year Gift 3: 3:15PM Original Milk Tea

For your grandpa that loves a cuppa with his friends.

It’s tea time!

Taiwanese teas are famous throughout the world so let your loved ones get a taste of Taiwanese original milk teas by 3:15PM. A combination of Taiwan oolong tea with Sri Lanka Uva black tea.

You can drink it both hot and cold, only difference is adding of the ice. Few minutes into steeping you could already smell the aromatic tea which tastes of mildly smooth milk and honey. Your grandpa will definitely enjoy this with his friends and reward you with a big fat angbao!

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Chinese New Year Gift 4: WASUKA Premium Rolled Wafer

For the little toddlers at home who are constantly hungry.

Crunchy and crispy rolled wafers filled with chocolaty goodness. WASUKA Premium Rolled Wafers goes down well with kids and adults alike. The snack can be eaten on its own or be used for innovative desserts. 

It kind of looks like love letter which reminds everyone of the upcoming New Year. Keep your toddlers busy with these wafers on the go!

Get creative such as stacking on top of one another or leave them in a tall glass.

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Chinese New Year Gift 5: The Tea Story

For your in-laws who are health-conscious.

Offer your in-laws a gift of a warm drink. The Tea Story’s teas are different such that it consists of organic tea from the finest selection of exotic tea blends giving your loved ones a luxurious tea experience.

1. Peach Paradise - An aromatic blend of peach green tea, giving you a juicy and refreshingly sweet aftertaste

2. Spiced Appletini - A sweet & spicy blend of green and oolong teas with fresh apply bits and cinnamon sticks, giving you a rich aromatic lingering finish

3. Jasmine Creme Brulee - Pass up on your dessert calories with an exclusive green tea blend of roasted coffee beans and jasmine floral buds.

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Chinese New Year Gift 6: TRICKS Baked Potato Crisps

For your glutton of a father who can’t stop snacking.

Remember the days when you open a bag of chips and your father starts scrambling to you to get a ‘taste’?

TRICKS Baked Potato Crisps comes in three flavours in Sample Store; Original, Kimchi and  BBQ.

The crisps are baked in authentic Asian flavours and ready to be serve and share among one another. Who knows, maybe instead of one flavour why not gift all three to your father to reap more Ang Bao.

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Chinese New Year Gift 7: Ma Ma Mi Non Caffeine Diet Tea

For your beloved siblings and yourself who can’t deny all the Chinese New Year goodies.

No, you’re not hinting to the receiver that they’re not at the ideal weight. Instead, everyone might need to get Ma Ma Mi Non Caffeine Diet Tea after New Year’s due to binge-eating. We know how much food our relatives will stuff us with so this is a great gift for ourselves.

As the tea contains enzymes that helps deconstructing saturated fats, therefore helping you in losing weight as you sleep. It also helps with certain people suffering from insomnia, however it varies within different people.

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Chinese New Year Gift 8: GIMSON Sauces

For your mother and aunties who love to cook heaps of delicious food for you.

Home-cooked meals are the best when it comes to family occasions. However sometimes, it’s a hassle to cook them especially if they’re serving more than 10 members. Why not get your mother and aunties a simple yet scrumptious Nyonya sauces from GIMSON.

It’s easy, quick and fuss-free with their three-step cooking instructions, home-cooked meals will never taste the same like before. One packet could provide four to six servings, so imagine getting all three flavours.. that’s 18 servings!!

With the New Year coming around, pretty sure we need all hands on deck.. and I mean GIMSON Nyonya sauces!

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Food and beverages is the easiest choice when it comes to gifting. And if the person you’re gifting is a foodie, that’s an added bonus to your Ang Bao. However, fastest fingers first because our samples are flying fast from shelves to homes.

In the meantime, sign up for free on Sample Store to redeem these products!