7 Best Beauty Resolutions for 2019!

7 Best Beauty Resolutions for 2019!
Friday, January 4, 2019

New Year is here and you know its time to get those new year’s resolutions into full swing! Pretty sure many of you can’t decided which resolution to start first. So here’s a list of 7 different resolutions that might be helpful from here on.

Let’s start off with getting ..

Resolution1: Luxurious Hair

Time to say goodbye to 2018 and goodbye to damaged hair with LUX LUMINIQUE Damage Repair Shampoo & Treatment!

The haircare products are suitable for all hair types however, best for dry and damaged hair as it contains precious Damascus Rose extract and Argan Oil which is known for its excellent moisturising effect. The products will effectively repair and nourish your hair, leaving it smooth and healthy.

To top it off, both shampoo and treatment is silicone-free (silicone causes long-term hair damage).

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Resolution 2: Youthful Skin

Who doesn’t want to look young forever? However, it’s not easy to retain youthful elasticity skin. Boost your skin’s radiance and protect it with JOWAÉ Youth Concentrate Complexion Serum.

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, you can use this serum as an anti-dark spots corrector or as it is. Enjoy the serum with its subtle and evanescent scent of jasmine, white gardenia and musk.

Using it regularly helps to fade away dark spots and your skin’s complexion will be clearer and cleaner. So, #helloyouthfulskin! 

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Resolution 3: Bye-Bye Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are unpleasant to look at, especially when it’s on your own body. It appears as coloured lines or streaks on your skin from weight gain. 

Topical treatments like PHYTOPIA Stretch Mark Remover may help to reduce the appearance of those stretch marks. The product is 100% organic and therapeutic grade, so your skin safely absorbs without any unwanted reaction. 

No time to worry in 2019 with those dry, uneven and unpleasant stretch marks!

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Resolution 4: Go Organic

Tired of using the same product which is not effective? Try switching to organic products! It sounds hard to change to another product that the usual one you use, but nothing could go wrong with organic products.

Organic products are safe and have minimal to no side-effects, such as the Naturalite Organic Beauty Color Seal Shampoo. The shampoo preserves hair color, has UV protection and nourishment to keep your colored hair bright and soft.

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Resolution 5: Slimmer Body

This is almost everyone’s resolution. To ease your mind on finding ways in achieving a slimmer body right here in Sample Store we have the solution for you. 

Made with 100% organic and therapeutic ingredients, PHYTOPIA  SlimWay - All Natural Remedy is different from other conventional slimming oil because not only helps with weight lost it promotes healthy metabolism as it cleanses and tone your skin and elevates your mood! 

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Resolution 6: Better Skin 

Get ready to attain better skin because we have not just ONE but SIX different facial masks from MASKINGDOM. Seeing the packaging itself just makes you want to grab it all. 

Each masks targets different skin conditions ranging from aging skin, acne, large pores, dark spots and inflammation etc as it brings in the benefit to whiten, repair, brighten, improves dryness, fine lines, smooth skin and such. 

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Resolution 7: Snack Healthily


Time to change your eating lifestyles, throw away your bad habits of snacking on junk food. Try to snack healthily and no I’m not saying nuts or seeds.. But jellies!

Ironic. Jellies are considered sweet desserts, but not for i-KiREi Jelly. These jellies are in sachets and it’s both convenient and lightweight to bring along with you wherever you go. Best to consume on an empty stomach! The jellies contain zero fat and free from preservatives! Not to mention they’re also suitable for vegetarians. #guiltfreesnack 

So how about it? Ready to rock on 2019 with our list of products to help you in your New Year’s resolution? Your resolution need not be a difficult journey, all it takes is effort, determination and Sample Store!

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Happy New Year everybody and don't forget to sign up as a member on SampleStore.com