6 Exquisite Japanese Gifts You Can Purchase at The Comfort of Your Home

6 Exquisite Japanese Gifts You Can Purchase at The Comfort of Your Home
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Having a hard time to shop for your friends who love Japanese culture? Read on to find out these Japanese gift ideas that we’ve put together! Let the gifts come to you this year with the help from EVERYTHING FROM. JP and Sample Store!

1. Set of 3 Cups - Cat

For the beer and cat lover …

This is an ideal gift for a cat lovers who enjoy beer. This set of three craft beer glasses features 3 different cats with its individual charming personality painted by Ukiyo-e master Kuniyoshi Utagawa. Comes in a sophisticated wooden box, this makes a presentable housewarming gift. Cat lovers now can savour their favourite beer in this adorable craft beer glass set.

Get yours here.

2. Hasami-yaki neco-Plate Wooden Box Set

For the children …

Made in Hasami, Nagano, the city that is knows for authentic ceramic crafts, the Hasami-yaki neco-Plate Wooden Box Set comes with adorable designs of catfish and fish bones. Most Japanese are crazy about cats and this Japanese tableware makes a great gift for children as it is perfect for serving rice, fruits and snacks. In additional to its usability, the beautiful tableware can be an ornament as well.

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3. [Wa no Bi] Mt. Fuji Sakura Square Plate Pair Set

For the Japanese food gourmet …

Those who love Japanese cuisine can take their devotion to the next level with this Mt. Fuji Sakura Square Plate Pair Set. These Mino-yaki plates depict the iconic Mt Fuji, the symbol of Japan’s beauty, and is paired with cherry blossom bowls and natural wood chopsticks to give you the full Japan experience. The special tilted design of the plate allows you to hold soy sauce in the peak of Mt Fuji. This plate makes a beautiful centrepiece at your dining table and it will remind you the beauty of Japan.

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4. [Miyama] Mizu-hiki Red and White Dish Set

For the newly-weds …

Tableware has been a popular wedding gift for quite some time as it symbolises a good start of new life. “Knot” is the motif of Japanese traditional ribbon Mizu-hiki. And Mizu-hiki decorative cords are used in Japanese culture since ancient times to signify sincerity in gift-giving. The beautiful Mizu-hiki Red and White Dish Set is specially carved with a red and white mizu-hiki motif, and chopstick rests. The arrangement of the 6 pieces dish set in the wooden box, form one continuous Mizu-hiki knot which is auspicious for the newlyweds. This would be a unique wedding gift for Japanese lovers.

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5. Pure Copper Beer Cup 380 ml Mirror Finish

For the beer connoisseur …

Thanks to its copper material, keep your beer well chilled in this high-quality pure copper beer cup finished and hand-polished individually by skilful craftsmen. Having a beer at home with this cooper cup will be a whole new experience. Your beer experience will dramatically be transformed into an authentic Japan’s beer tasting encounter.

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6. Bread Lamp Petit Croissant

For the foodie friend …

Lamps are very useful thing that we get for our homes. Not only it provides light, it can be used as a form of decoration as well. Light up your bread obsession, literally, with Bread Lamp Petit Croissant. This bread lamp is made of real bread with the interior being hollowed out during production process. This lamp might not be bright enough for evening reading, but the gentle light overflows from the multiple layers of the croissant, making it a nice night lamp. This playful and adorable lamp can be a nice gift for the friend who loves bread!

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