5 Ways To Reduce Your Dark Eye Circles

5 Ways To Reduce Your Dark Eye Circles
Friday, November 9, 2018

Tired of those dark circles that are making you look gloomier than usual? You need to face reality - fading away those dark eye circles takes more work than going for treatments or expensive skincare products. All you need are these 5 helpful tips that will truly do the work of reducing your dark eye-circles.

1. Go To Bed Earlier

Yes, this sounds obvious and easy, yet sleeping more is the hardest due to our busy lifestyle. When you’re sleeping, your skin benefits from a night of recharging, including your under eye area. When you don't get enough sleep, the blood vessels under your eyes dilate, and the increased blood flow darkens your under eye area. And since the skin is the thinnest under the eyes, the pigment will be more prominent. Hence, let your skin get the rest that it deserve, and results will show!

2. Keep Your Under Eyes Hydrated

One of the major causes of dark eye circles stems from dehydration - which leads to your under eyes area looking dull and sunken due to the lack of blood flow. Hence, hydrate your under eyes by not only drinking up, but also using a lightweight serum that locks in moisture for a long period of time. We would love recommend the Ellelhotse Horse Oil Eye Serum to moisturise and supply nutrition to the skin. You can purchase the eye serum at a member’s exclusive price by clicking on the link.

3. Switch Up Your Skincare Routine

When looking for eye care products, focus on the results you want to achieve from the products. If you are looking for something that gives you a rejuvenated and youthful look, aim for ingredients focused on boosting collagen growth - such as retinol and hyaluronic acid. If you are looking for something that helps to reduce pigmentation from your under eyes, go for products that contain caffeine extract or kojic acid . Remember, it is about the results you desire, so choose accordingly.

4. Natural Remedies

Do you know that you have remedies in the most unlikely of places - your very own kitchen! Natural ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers or even milk help to reduce the appearance of your dark eye circles without you splurging on expensive products. What better way to treat your skin than easily obtainable as well as natural products, right?

5. Use Gentle Makeup Removers

While removing makeup around our eye areas, we tend to exert more force to get rid of stubborn eye makeup residues.This does more harm to the delicate and thinnest areas of our skin. Hence, opt for an effective makeup wipes with moisturising efficacies which will not only nourish our skin, but also gently hydrate the eye area.

Bifesta’s Cleansing Sheets are such products.The best part is that it comes in 3 different variants specially tailored for your personal preferences. Try a sample from our website right here!

The area under our eyes is the most delicate part of our faces, yet the most neglected due to our unhealthy habits, such as not sleeping enough, not drinking enough water and not taking care of our skin properly. We reap what we sow, hence start adopting a proper eye care regimen.