5 Simple Beauty Tips From Sample Store’s Influencer Anna

5 Simple Beauty Tips From Sample Store’s Influencer Anna
Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sample Store’s Influencer Anna will be sharing 5 simple beauty tips of hers that keep her looking gorgeous!

1. Eyebrow Grooming

Eyebrows are the new windows to the soul. A pair of well-groomed, shapely brows can make a big difference to your look. I groom mine at home by tweezing both the top and bottom of my eyebrows. This is one of the quickest and simplest methods to define brows for a neater look. It’s also a great way for those with asymmetrical eyebrows to re-shape their eyebrows more evenly. Trust me, people will notice the subtle difference.

2. Sun Protection

Sun protection is a big part of my life. Not only do I use different sunblock for my face and body, I also protect my eyes with sunglasses that have UV protection. Even my regular pair of glasses provides some form of UV protection. Another way to protect my eyes and face is to wear caps - they also add to my outfit of the day!

3. Multi-Purpose Oil

Oil might turn off some people, but it’s the holy grail of my beauty routine. Multi-purpose oil is amazing for elbows, knees, and anywhere that is prone to dryness. I find that oil-based makeup remover is the most effective for the first step of my double cleansing routine. But my favourite way of using oil is to moisturize my hair after a shower- just a couple of drops each day makes a huge difference to the way my hair feels.

4. Going Bare and Fresh

With all the access to cosmetics and makeup tutorials, it’s tempting for some of us to wear makeup everyday. As we know, our skin will appreciate a break from all the makeup. Even if I’m not able to go barefaced for the whole day, I make it a point to give my skin a breather for two to three hours in between appointments by removing my base makeup and reapplying it, if possible. Products like cushion foundations make it incredibly quick and easy to reapply makeup.

5. Scalp Care

The secret to healthy hair is not hair masks, hair treatments or hair supplements - it’s far simpler than you would think! The secret is to take care of your scalp. I make sure to cleanse and stimulate my scalp thoroughly with a little help from a scalp massage brush, and I switch between regular shampoos and clarifying shampoos, which helps to “detox” our scalp of all the chemicals from styling products and regular shampoos and conditioners.

Find out more about my secrets, especially those to do with hair and scalp care, at my blog (lovelifeloveunicorn.wordpress.com) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/love.life.love.unicorn).