5 Essential Travel Tips From Renzze

5 Essential Travel Tips From Renzze
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Nothing makes me happier than being up in the clouds, on my way to unknown adventures.

If you follow me on Instagram @renzze or visit my blog, www.renzze.com, you'll see that I've been travelling extensively for many years now. As a frequent traveller, I've gained quite a few tricks up my sleeves but here, I'll be sharing 5 essential tips that I practice every single time for all my trips and I hope it'll be helpful for you too.

1. Purchase Travel insurance

Traveling is an adventure that brings you to new environments with new exciting experiences. It also brings uncertainties and unexpected circumstances. Travel insurance doesn't cost a bomb and it is a necessary contingency that will soothe your worries away should the unforeseen happen. Missed flight, delays, lost or stolen belongings or falling sick on the road can cause a lot of distress. It may not always be avoidable but at least you don't have to worry about the financial side of it if you have travel insurance.

2. Make Copies of Your Passport

It is always a good idea to register your travel with Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It's a free service that allow them to contact you to make sure that you are safe and, if need be, assist you during an emergency such as natural disasters, civil unrest.

When I was 17, I was mugged in Malaysia on a free and easy day during a school trip. The robbers stole my bag, which contained my phone, money, cards and passport. Comparing to making the police report, contacting the embassy to issue me a new passport was a more horrifying experience as I didn’t have photocopies of my passport with me or my teachers.

Since then, I uploaded a soft copy of my passport on my cloud (cloud computing) so my family or I can access it anywhere should I ever need it.

3. Pick Up The Basics of a New Language For Your Trip

It’s a form of respect to the locals to know some of the simple phrases such as Hello, Goodbye, Please and Thank You in their language. Although we might not pronounce it right but the effort is important. It helps to break down barriers especially when you are asking for help or information. It is good to keep in mind that we are visitors of their country and they are the host so if you don't speak their language and no one understands you, it's your problem. Not theirs. Kindness is a universal language so with a little patience, body language and maybe some help from Google translate, you should do fine in most places.

4. Be Flexible

The more flexible you are with your travel plans, the more money you will save and better experience you will get ! There are always dates or times that will cost a premium to fly or travel as it is the peak period to travel. Do a bit of research to avoid those. I like to travel in low or shoulder season as it would mean lower cost to travel and less tourists, which will make better photography opportunities for me.

5. Just relax and take it easy

Don't sweat over small stuffs. Things might go wrong or you might not always get to experience everything you’ve planned but that is all part of the travelling experience. Just keep an open mind and enjoy each moment. If possible, taking a day or two off from your camera or phone to truly enjoy what is happening around you for a memorable experience. When you look back, it's always the memories that are the most valuable souvenirs from your trip.

There are a lot more tips that I'll love to share but I’ll save it for next time. The above 5 tips will help you to kick-start your trip right. Hope you'll find your own stories and tips to tell as you venture out to see more of the world!