5 of The Best Cleaning Products Everyone Should Own

5 of The Best Cleaning Products Everyone Should Own
Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Owning a new home is definitely exciting however it can be a challenge to keep it spick and span. Introducing Magiclean Spotless Kit, the most essential cleaning kit we believe no home should be without.

1. Magiclean Daily Care Toilet Foam Spray

Cleaning the toilet is undeniably disgusting but it doesn’t have to take long with the new Magiclean Daily Care Toilet Foam Spray, the first foam type toilet cleaner in Singapore that is ready to tackle stubborn stains and leave your toilet looking shiny and new. When it comes to toilet stains, the faster you can clean it up, the better. Containing crystal polymers that prevent stain build-up, the foam spray also disinfects, killing up to 99% bacteria inside the toilet bowl, the toilet seat & cover, tank, outside toilet bowl and the surrounding floor area. Using it is a breeze, all you have to do is to spray and flush, there is no need for scrubbing. This is perfect for quick daily maintenance. Also, thanks to the unique upside down spray format, there’s no awkward kneeling anymore! You can use the spray at any angle, tackling hard-to-reach stains and bacteria under the toilet rim. While some cleaning solutions leave behind a bleach smell, this spray comes in Fresh Mint fragrance, so it will leave your toilet smelling good.

2. Magiclean Pipe & Sink Cleaner

Your kitchen sink and pipes can get really dirty, and at times, even blocked. Here, you need Magiclean Pipe & Sink Cleaner, your trusty cleaner that will solve this nerve-wrecking issue without you having to call a plumber. Formulated without any harsh chemicals, the cleaner is safe enough to be used directly on the kitchen drains, bathroom and washing basins, it will not have any negative impact on the long term health of your pipes. The Pipe & Sink Cleaner is a preventive-type cleaner visibly cleans your drainage and maintains the daily hygiene of your pipes to prevent pipe clogs, it only takes a matter of minutes for the cleaner to remove slimy stains. It also reaches deep inside the pipe to kill 99.9% bacteria and eliminate nasty odour. The cleaner comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle that helps you to maintain your pipe hygiene with less effort now!

3. Magiclean Bathroom & Toilet Trigger

Speed up the nasty chore of cleaning bathrooms with Magiclean Bathroom & Toilet Trigger. The Magiclean Bathroom & Toilet Trigger is an effective cleaner that cuts through dirt and grime leaving your bathroom sparkling clean. This cleaner has a powerful foaming action that eliminates stains, soap scums, everyday dirt and grime, killing 99.9% of bathroom bacteria. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including wash basins, faucets, shower screen and shower head. Basically everywhere in the bathroom! Simply spray, let it set a few minutes, scrub and rinse. Your bathroom will be restored to a clean and stunning state.

4. Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner

Spray away tough messes in the kitchen with Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner. Comes in Green Apple or Lime fragrance, the anti-bacterial cleaner contains instant stain-dissolving foam that cuts through the toughest grease and grime on cooker hoods, stoves, kitchen worktops, sink and refrigerator door, leaving nothing behind but a fresh scent. The foaming action is powerful enough for dirty kitchen and perfect for maintenance, it offers good cleaning ability without the need of any elbow grease. A good kitchen cleaner has to be able to clean multiple surface types and multiple kinds of messes with ease and freshness. To use the cleaner, all you have to do is to spray and wipe with damp cloth, there isn’t a need for double rinse.

5. Magiclean Handy Duster

Magiclean Handy Duster is a popular choice of dusting because of its versatility and it can hold a ton of dust without releasing it into the air. The duster can get into tight places and do a good job of removing dust without scratching the furniture or damaging surfaces. And there isn’t a need for you to use any multi-purpose cleaners. This is a perfect dusting tool for allergy sufferers as the Handy Duster’s High Absorption Fibres effectively pick up, trap and hold even the finest dust. No more fly-away dust! Magiclean Handy Duster also comes in an Extendable version that extends up to 95cm whereby users can reach up to high places such as ceiling corners and hard-to-reach places like underneath the bed frame. Dust-cleaning is now fuss-free and easier with Magiclean Handy Duster!

Clean smarter, not harder. Cleaning up is no doubt a chore, but with the right cleaning products on hand, you can get your house clean and sparkling in no time and you can move on to activities that are more enjoyable! Find out more about Magiclean Spotless Kit here and create a cleaner and healthier environment for yourself and your loved ones to work, play and live in!