5 Beauty Travel Essentials You Should Pack ASAP

5 Beauty Travel Essentials You Should Pack ASAP
Monday, October 30, 2017

Ever got stuck in the airport custom due to your toiletries being over the limited? 

Nothing can be more devastating than watching your prized eye cream that cost hundred over bucks get confiscated at the security check point and this will definitely affect your mood for the rest of your holiday. With this in mind, we’ve picked 5 of our favourite beauty minis that are ideal to pack into your hand carry bag and these products will leave you looking on point  either on flight and for your holiday!

1. Beauty Starts from The Head


Going from one time zone to another not only affects your skin’s condition due to the climate change but it might also wreak havoc to your hair. Different weather can cause dryness, and frizziness to your hair. Fret not, combat with any hair issues with Sephora Collection Hair Sleeping Mask (link to by invite page). These hair sleeping masks from Sephora Collection are designed to be applied to dry hair, acting overnight for better results. Each is targeted to a specific hair concern without weighing hair down. Just apply to hair, cover with the included cap, and wake up to hair that is softer, more flexible, and visibly more beautiful.


2. Soft & Radiant Skin Everywhere You Go


Regardless of where you are traveling to, moisturising is always vital. Instead of going for heavy creams may be unsuitable for the hot climate or too heavy for skin, go for a lightweight product such as Uriage Eau Thermale Light Water Cream which is helps to rebuild the skin barrier to maintain an optimum moisturisation level yet doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. A lightweight product will never go wrong!


3. Rehydrate Skin Whilst On The Go


During the flight when cabin air is practically sucking the moisture out of your skin, it always good to quench your skin’s thirst with a hydration boost from Cre8skin It’s Real Color Hydro-Gel Mask (Cucumber). The patent embossed hydro-gel mask contains fresh cucumber extract and other 7 natural plant extracts provides non-drying intensive hydration and nutrition.


4. Quick Fix For Fatigue Eyes


Long haul flights = eye bags and tired eyes. JWONE Steam Eye Mask helps to soothe and relieve eye fatigue by releasing warmth and steam around the eye areas. The eye mask helps you to relax and fall asleep more comfortably during the flight.


5. The All-In-One Timesaver


Qyo Qyo Tangerine Bright + Moist All In One Cream is everything! With this product, you don’t have to bring your 101 bottles of skincare products The cream is an all-in-one brightening and moisturiser toner + lotion + essence. On top of that it is hypoallergenic, non-sticky and it helps to soothe the skin. With only 1 product, it saves you a lot of space in your bag and most importantly it is a great time saver! We can probably spend another 10 minutes on the comfy hotel bed.

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- Felicia (@ForteFelicity)