5 Beauty Tips from Sample Store’s Ambassador Jacelyn

5 Beauty Tips from Sample Store’s Ambassador Jacelyn
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Find out how Sample Store’s Ambassador, Jacelyn, look and stay healthy!

1.  Drink Your Way To Healthy Skin

Sugar wracks havoc to our body, and I restrict myself to only one sugary drink a day. If you can, you should skip sugary drinks entirely! Most of the time, I drink a large amount of water to keep myself hydrated. Staying hydrated is not only good for the body, it also helps in a better skin condition. If I am out, I usually get Evian bottled water as it contains a balance of minerals that is good for the skin!

2. Masking Daily

We all know that many of celebrities like Angelababy and Fan Bing Bing raved and use face masks all the time. For me, I stick to TWO daily masks. First, a purifying mask to ‘detox’ the skin and get rid of impurities before applying a moisturising mask. Regardless of any skin type, you need to cleanse your face thoroughly before applying a mask so that your skin can effectively replenish its moisture. It will be great to go the extra mile and double cleanse your face. Also, I am also a fan of cream-based masks instead of sheet masks as they are more nourishing!

3. My Saviour – Babor’s Ampoule

Before attending any big events or photoshoots, I always prep my skin with Babor’s beauty ampoule. If you’re not familiar with ampoules, they are made of nano-particles that is 8 times more effective than a moisturiser. Application usually takes less than 5 minutes so its really a time saver and my go-to product for last minute emergencies. The purifying ampoule also helps to control shine whenever I have a photoshoot and dries acne effectively. My favourite has got to be the hydration ampoule which gives a moisture boost. Ever since I started using ampoules during traveling, I’m delighted that I no longer experienced flaky skin due to dryness.

4. Monthly Maintenance - Facial

Getting soft, smooth and perfect skin is not impossible if you are consistent in your skincare regimen. I schedule monthly facials at Le Queenz for deep cleansing and regular face massage. The best part of their facial treatment is there’s practically NO pain, NO redness and NO downtime.

5. Holistic Wellness

Lastly, I feel that beautiful skin is mood dependent. Our skin loses elasticity and firmness with age, we can’t look forever 18. For me, I don’t avoid the sun, and in fact, I embrace my freckles, protruding teeth and eyes. To look and feel good, you need a healthy balance of mind, body and skin. You noticed that people who exercised regularly have a healthy glow on their face. So eat well and think happy!


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