5 Bad Habits Affecting Your Skin

5 Bad Habits Affecting Your Skin
Sunday, October 7, 2018

We’re all guilty of #3

​Some might stop and wonder, “why is the condition of my skin is not getting any better?” Even after following skincare routines to purchasing expensive products. Yet nothing about your skin’s condition is improving.

You might not realise but what you do in your daily routine could have an impact on your skin both negatively and positively. From the moment you wake up to going back to bed, there’s so much going on that’s actually affecting your skin unknowingly.

Here are 5 bad habits that you might not realise.

1.    Lack of Sleep

The term ‘beauty sleep’ is not just a phrase, it is a fact.

Having less than 8 hours of sleep might affect your skin because sleep is the closest and easiest thing to the ‘fountain of youth. When you sleep, your skin and body repairs itself.

As you become sleep-deprived, your body makes more stress hormones called cortisol. When the levels of cortisol increases, so does stress and inflammation in your body thus affecting our skin’s condition.

With that, you should try achieving at least 6 or more hours of sleep time. Simple steps such as putting aside mobile devices before sleeping, drinking warm milk and using Steam Eye Mask can help catching extra sleeping time.

2.     Not Changing Pillow Sheets

Always waking up to breakouts after a good night’s sleep even after applying your skincare products prior to that? Well, it’s probably your pillowcase.

Pillowcases can trap dirt and oil every time your face is planted onto it, then transferring it back to your skin when not laundered or changed regularly. Just imagine the amount of bacteria you’re housing on your skin.

You would want to wash your face every night before bed, use natural fabrics such as silk for the cases and change or wash them every 2 - 3 days. You can start them anytime. Preferably now of course!

3.    Sleeping with Makeup

Yes. Everyone is guilty here.

Don’t make it a habit. Your face needs to breathe after a day of being held down with makeup. Sleeping with dirt, oil and clogged pores will only increase bacteria built-up thus, worsening your skin.

Using makeup removal wipes is one of the fastest way to remove makeup, however not all all cleansing products are effective in getting every last bit of makeup off our skin. So here’s how you can remove it effectively.

Try using ETUDE HOUSE Monster Micellar Water and afterwards cleanse your face with SUISAI Beauty Clear Powder to remove every traces of makeup. Easy as that!

4.    Using The Wrong Products

There are hundreds of skincare products available, leading many to purchase and apply a product which is not meant for their skin type or simply just using the wrong products.

Not every skincare products, best-selling products or award-winning products are meant for all skin types. Using the wrong products could lead to many skin issues. Not only it is affecting your skin but your wallet as well.

Consult a dermatologist to determine your skin type first or let an in-store expertise to guide you before purchasing. Take advantages of product samples, try it for a few days to determine if the products are suitable for your skin. Browse through an intensive collection of product samples right here on our website.

5.     Not Showering After Perspiring

Our skin has a secondary purpose which is to act as a barrier to help eliminate toxins. And when we workout, toxins leaves the body through perspire.

Perspiring is one of the ways that facilitates detoxification. However when they reach the skin’s surface and is not wash away, it will be reabsorb back into the skin. Bacteria will grow and you're at risk of inflammation, clogged pores and breakouts.

Just keep in mind to always cleanse after perspiring, you can carry a travel-sized simple cleanser or facial wipes in your bag wherever you go.

Shock? Don’t be.. Almost everyone has yet to realise those bad habits and there are more to it as well. So, avoiding those simple everyday habits helps you reap what you sow from your skincare routine as well as benefiting the most from your skincare products!