4 Volumising Shampoos That Breathe New Life Into Fine, Limp & Lifeless Hair - By Felicia Yeo

4 Volumising Shampoos That Breathe New Life Into Fine, Limp & Lifeless Hair - By Felicia Yeo
Sunday, September 23, 2018

While many women try to plump up fine, limp and lifeless tresses with hair styling products, why not go for these volumising shampoos that give your tresses volume, body and fullness instead. I have thin and fine hair, so I like to use volumising shampoo to give my hair the extra oomph. Check out these top rated volumising shampoos that aim to give you Victoria Secret’s models bouncy blowouts.

Disclaimer: I tried each product for one week each and these are my findings.

PERCY & REED Bountifully Bouncy Volumising Shampoo

My hair is fine and limp, it goes flat with most shampoos. And during midday, my scalp tends to get oily which makes my hair looks even flatter. I don’t usually expect a lot from volumising shampoos as they usually don’t work on my hair. However, I was surprised with this product! The PERCY & REED Bountifully Volumising Shampoo thoroughly cleansed my hair, leaving my hair looking shiny, feeling soft and bouncy. It doesn’t weigh my hair down and after a few washes, my scalp gets less oily during midday. It also smells absolutely amazing! Although the shampoo is more pricey compared to the regular drugstore shampoos, you don’t have to use too much product, a little goes a long way.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars | Retailing at $32 (250ml)

OUAI Volume Shampoo

I love that the OUAI Volume Shampoo lathers up really well which gives my scalp a really clean feeling after every wash. However, the consistency is a little too runny for my liking as you have to use a lot of product to get the luxurious lather. The floral scent is lovely without being too overpowering. Many volumising shampoo that I’ve tried tend to leave my hair feeling dry but this does the opposite! My hair feels soft and moisturised. My ultra fine hair usually goes limp within hours and will be in an oily mess but after using this shampoo, it had more body than ever and doesn’t leave my scalp feeling oily. Also, a big thumbs up for the paraben and phthalates free formula!

Overall Rating: 3.8/5 Stars | Retailing at $42 (300ml)

NaturVital Sensitive Revitalizing Ginseng Shampoo

Apart from giving fine hair the volume that it needs, the NaturVital Sensitive Revitalizing Ginseng Shampoo aims to strengthen your hair. I was pleasantly surprised that after a few washes, I spotted lesser hair fall when I was brushing my hair. And my hair looks less flat as compared to before. The hair/scalp friendly formula is free from colourants, parabens preservatives, silicones, synthetic detergents and mineral oils which are nasty for your scalp. It is important to keep the hair follicle healthy for healthy hair growth. This shampoo makes my hair a little dry and tangled in the shower, but nothing that a conditioner can’t fix!

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars | Retailing at $23 (300ml)

Beijing 101 Nourishing Shampoo

Formulated with traditional Chinese herbs, I was pretty excited to try the Beijing 101 Nourishing Shampoo as it claims to stimulate the scalp and promote healthy and thicker-looking hair. If you’re worried that the shampoo will smell like Chinese herbs, fret not! The shampoo smells really nice. The Beijing 101 Nourishing Shampoo left my hair feeling clean, soft and manageable. The shampoo also helps to refresh my scalp but it did not give my hair any extra volume. Probably I’ve to use it for a longer period for better results.  The formula is very gentle as it did not irritate my scalp or stripping my hair. It’s a great product for daily use!

Overall Rating: 3.6/5 Stars | Retailing at $32.24 (250ml)