4 Sunscreens To Keep Sun Damage At Bay - By Dr. Celine Leong

4 Sunscreens To Keep Sun Damage At Bay - By Dr. Celine Leong
Saturday, July 28, 2018

This month’s review is on sunscreen which is a must-have step in everyone’s daily skincare regime as it not just protects from skin cancer, but skin ageing signs such as pigmentation and wrinkles! In Singapore’s humid weather, we all look for one that isn’t too greasy and heavy on the skin. Let’s see which one measured up!

Shiseido Perfect UV Protector S
Innovative UV protector technology for sensitive skin and children that is boosted by water or perspiration.

This one looks, smells and feels most like a ‘standard’ sunscreen used on the body. It has the distinctive smell of a sunscreen which I think is from the active ingredient of zinc oxide. It is the most watery out of the 4 sunscreens tested so I had to work on one area at the time, if not it tended to flow down the skin and get messy.

This Shiseido sunscreen is formulated with WetForce technology and is supposed to be very water-resistant. Under make up, I didn’t find that it enhance my makeup. In fact, I found that my make up did not go on as well and didn’t last as long. But, this sunscreen is not purported to be a make up base. So I ended up using it on my kids and true enough, it’s gentle enough for their delicate skin.

Overall Rating: 3.2/5 Stars | Retailing at $63 (50ml)

SUPERGOOP! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40
A totally invisible, weightless, scentless, makeup-gripping, daily SPF 40.

This one really lived up to what it claimed to be! Totally invisible and mattifying, it did really well as a makeup primer. Instantly absorbed into skin with zero sticky feel. My make up went on smooth and lasted all day above this sunscreen. This will work well with oilier skin types. Dry skin types may find it a tad too mattifying, although this sunscreen is supposed to increase hydration levels with a complex derived from meadowfoam seed.

Other interesting ingredients in this sunscreen includes red algae, which is supposed to help protect against blue light emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Great for handphone zombies like me!

Overall Rating: 3.8/5 Stars | Retailing at $48 (50ml)

Dr. Jart+ UV Every Sun Day

A sunscreen that offers powerful UV defense, plus moisturizing and soothing benefits.

This one comes in a subtle, light pink-beige colour that helps brighten and colour correct the skin tone for a brighter and healthier look. Those who are into CC creams will like this! I liked using this on days when I didn’t want to use foundation but wanted some brightening and evening out of my skin tone.

Texture wise, it felt like a light cream which absorbed fast into my skin. Non-sticky and hydrating with soothing moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, portulaca oleracea extract and sodium hyaluronate, this really suits drier skin types too.

Overall Rating: 4.2/5 Stars | Retailing at $47 (50ml)

Lancôme UV Expert Youth-Shield™ Aqua Gel SPF50 PA++++

UV EXPERT, enriched with a powerful filtering system YOUTH SHIELD, effectively protects skin from sources of hyperpigmentation and photo-ageing, Protect: Multi-protection against UVB, Long UVA and urban pollution.

Lancome sunscreens are reputed for their intensive R&D and this sunscreen contains advanced and unique ingredients such as Moringa for added protection against pollution, which Lancome believes to be a major source of ageing other than UV rays. Their studies have shown that there’s a correlation between air pollution and formation of pigmentation!

This is not just a sunscreen, but a powerful skincare treatment which reported to improve the complexion’s uneven skin tone, dullness, fairness, wrinkles and blemishes. That would take continuous usage before I can comment, but the older skin types will appreciate this for its added skincare benefits.

Texture wise, it’s an aqua gel which is really easy to apply and got absorbed into the skin quickly. It is supposed to be mattifying but it left a slight sheen on me. It helped make up go on smoother on dry areas, quite lovely as a make up primer!

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars | Retailing at $75 (30ml)