3 Brightening Toners Reviewed - Which Works Best? - By Vanessa Chia

3 Brightening Toners Reviewed - Which Works Best? - By Vanessa Chia
Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Read on to find out which brightening toner works best for Vanessa!

FIRST AID BEAUTY Facial Radiance Pads

The Promise: Daily treatment pads that exfoliate, tone and brighten the skin at the same time. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skins.

The Verdict: It does hold up to its promise that it’s gentle enough to be used daily and on all skin types.

I have used similar exfoliating pads before, and they have left my face feeling a little itchy and blotchy. But this didn’t. There is none of that “tingle” that many other acid-infused exfoliating pads have, which makes it great for sensitive skins or if you are new to the acid exfoliating game.

What I really liked was that the daily exfoliation helped the ingredients from my other skincare absorb better into the skin and while I only used it diligently for slightly over a week, I can see that my complexion looks more even-toned and is a little more radiant too.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars | Retailing at $51 (60 pads)

ORIGINS GinZing™ Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist

The Promise: An oil-free hydrating mist that refreshes the skin through the use of Coffee Beans and Panax Ginseng. Can even be used on top of makeup.

The Verdict: The “zing” in the name is clearly apparent thanks to the zesty citrus scent of this mist. It definitely uplifts the senses and makes me feel less tired, especially when I use it in the mornings.

It also leaves a slight cooling effect, which might be thanks to the use of Spearmint Leaf Oil, which is perfect to refresh the senses, when used throughout the day.

I used it as a replacement as my regular toner, and it kept my combination-type skin hydrated enough during the day. However, as a nighttime toner, my skin felt a little dry as I sleep in an air-conditioned room.

While it did make my skin feel softer and my senses more energised, I did not see any obvious brightening effect.

I also wished it came in a slightly smaller bottle (its size is at 150ml) so that I can bring it around in my bag for midday touch-ups anytime, anywhere.

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars | Retailing at $42 (150ml)


The Promise: An essence-rich toner that hydrates and brightens the complexion while reducing the signs of pigmentation over time.

The Verdict: What I liked was how hydrating this feels on my skin. My skin feels soft and plumped after and it provides a nice base for my skincare products to follow. The light floral scent was very comforting as well.

As for the brightening effect, using this for over 2 weeks, I can’t say for sure that it lightened any pigmentation spots I might have. However, as it did keep my skin hydrated and plumped, my complexion did look a little more radiant overall. Not to mention that it left my skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch too.

My only grip would be that this softener had a liquid-gel-like texture, which tended to get absorbed into the cotton pad. I felt that this made me end up using more product than required each time.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars | Retailing at $85 (150ml)