3 Astalift Products You Need, To Unleash Your Inner Beauty

3 Astalift Products You Need, To Unleash Your Inner Beauty
Thursday, November 9, 2017

Talk about smart skincare, there is no brand like Astalift who incorporates film technology to beauty products to deliver photogenic beauty to users. Award-winning beauty brand, Astalift, is created by FUJIFILM, the expert in photographic film research and development. FUJIFILM has cleverly used its expertise in image analysing technologies to develop beauty products with proven efficacy and ultimately delivering picture perfect skin.

With so many different products under the brand, these are the 3 must-have products.

1. Astalift In-Focus Cellactive Serum, $222, 30ml

Proven to be an expert in stem cell research, the newest addition to the family, Astalift In-Focus Cellactive Serum, is an anti-ageing beauty essence that delays the onset of ageing by rejuvenating stem cells to regenerate your skin with radiant glow and firmness. This bottle of goodness is formulated with two proprietary nano-ingredients - Nano Astaxanthin CP+ which protects stem cells from ageing and repairs damage caused by UV rays and oxidation and Nano Boswellin Acid, which activates stem cells for cell rejuvenation. In short, these two ingredients efficiently rejuvenate and re-energise stem cells to combat skin ageing and restore youth by repairing cells and tissues for radiant, firm and supple skin with visibly reduced fine lines. The serum comes in a unique lightweight gel texture that melts into your skin instantly upon application and transforms to a smooth and velvety texture when dried to act as a barrier and locks in moisture. Also, its therapeutic scent of bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood helps to relieve stress and elevate your skincare regimen to a pampering experience.

2. Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, $148, 40g

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta is one of the brand’s best selling and award-winning product. Infused with Nano-Ceramides and an effective mix of collagen, the unique anti-ageing skincare product penetrates deep into the skin upon application and replenishes moisture efficiently, leaving skin feeling and looking supple and plump. Bursting with antioxidants, it also helps to fight freeradical damage and prevent signs of premature ageing such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Astalift Jelly Aquarysta is known as a skin conditioner that you’re supposed to apply directly after cleansing before your lotion, essence, serum and cream, so as to enhance absorption for other skincare products. Use this product together with Astalift In-Focus Cellactive Serum to achieve the ultimate youthful radiance! If you’d like to try the product, click here to get your samples.

3. Astalift White Perfect UV Clear Solution SPF50+ PA++++, $72, 30g

Astalift White Perfect UV Clear Solution SPF50+ PA++++ is another star product from the brand that has been highly raved among beauty gurus. Formulated with a proprietary UV protecting agent, D-UV Guard, and other brightening and skin rejuvenating ingredients, the multi-tasker sunscreen offers not only full protection against UV damage, it helps to prevent pigmentation, premature ageing and has damage control and brightening benefits. The sunscreen doubles up as a makeup base that evens out skin tone, smoothens the skin’s surface for your foundation to glides on smoothly and evenly. It also helps your makeup to stay on your face longer. Another unique benefit of this handy sunscreen is that it comes with a UV Sensor Cap that turns purple in the presence of intense UVA rays, alerting users for reapplication. How convenient it is!

The journey to radiant, luminous and picture perfect skin has never been this easy! Astalift products are available at:
1. Wisma Atria, #03-30
2. JEM, #01-20
3. NEX, #01-70

Visit their website to find out more about their products.
- Felicia (@ForteFelicity)