2019 Latest Makeup Trend - #YogaSkin

2019 Latest Makeup Trend - #YogaSkin
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Fresh, effortless and naturally dewy - This current popular makeup trend is another form of enhancing natural beauty.

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Its pretty self-explanatory, “Yoga Skin” is the flushed luminous glow one supposedly gets after doing yoga. It was first introduced by celebrity global makeup artist Sara Hill, her tutorial involves mixing foundation with luminous products such as liquid highlighters and facial oils. The result? You’ll look fresh-faced with natural luminosity coming from within the skin.

This refreshed look is quite low maintenance and is easy to prep - you can ditch that tiresome cake face routine and go for a fast refreshed look ! Here’s the catch - you do not need the countless glowing oils or products added to your foundation mix.

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Here is how you can attain #YogaSkin with products from Sample Store!

1. Start from Cleansing: It is always good to start from the first step, which is cleansing! Removing dirt and excess oil from your skin barrier will lead to a smoother surface for makeup application - so why not add a brightening effect while you are at it? The Bifesta Micellar Cleansing Lotion does exactly that! With added amino acids and hyaluronic acid, your skin will feel supple and appears dewy.

2. Choose The Right Essence: Heap on a natural brightening and glowy effect with Za True White Essence Lotion. #YogaSkin trend focuses mainly on how the skin is glowing from within the skin which can be achieved with the moisturising properties as well as whitening properties that the essence contains.

3. Build it from The Base: Moving on to your makeup, the best way to have your makeup finish appears luminous and dewy is from the base itself. Choose a primer that will make sure to emulate those moisturising properties.  Besides adding hydration, the Vely Vely Primer Supreme Moist Fit brightens dull skin and smoothes pores as well as prepping the face.

4. Aim For Natural Coverage: Another star of the show would be BB Creams and Cushion Foundations. These bases have sheer, and medium coverage on the skin and most importantly, they do not give your skin a cakey appearance. Instead, the finish appears to be more natural and skin like which is exactly what #YogaSkin celebrates!

There are different types of BB Creams and Cushion Foundations to choose from, why not take a pick at one of our articles before choosing the right one - https://bit.ly/2FCInlK.

5. Adding Some Colours To Your Look: Last but not least, attain that natural looking flush on your face with not powder blush - but lipstick! Using cream textured products like L.A Colours Lipstick with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera will be ideal. They blend better and are much more pigmented as compared to matte lipsticks. Also, you can use this on your cheeks for a natural post-yoga flush.

Makeup can be about embracing and enhancing your flaws-which this trend achieves through such a simple and effortless routine! Get these products and be on your way to your own #YogaSkin!


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