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Ultra Concentrated Fabric Softener enhanced with 100% Patchouli Essential Oil that has,
- 2X Better Softening Performance
- Fresh Lingering Fragrance for more than 30 days
- Eliminates Bad Odour
- Suitable for Indoor Drying

Catonic Surfactants, Water Soluble Colour Dye, Fragrance (Enchanced with 100% Patchouli Essential Oil) and Preservatives

How to use:
Add Sofsil Ultra Concentrated Fabric Softener into fabric softener dispenser or into water during the final rinse.
Do not pour Sofsil Ultra Concentrated Fabric Softener directly on clothes.

Suitable for:
All age groups

Target age:
25 - 40 years old

Where to buy:
1.8L Bottle and 1.5L Refill Pack at leading supermarkets


$8.35 for 1.8L bottle and $5.95 for 1.5L Refill Pack

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Category: Home & Kitchen

Type: Sample

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