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Scrub Daddy



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    Product Description:
    MORE DURABLE - Scour Daddy Steel is thicker, stronger and more absorbent than other scour pads!

    TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED CORE - Scour Daddy Steel’s FlexTexture® core becomes firm in cold water for difficult to remove debris and soft in warm water for light cleaning. A versatile design makes him the right tool for every job.

    NO CHEMICALS - Works so well with water alone that you can skip using harsh detergents. A mild dish soap, baking soda, or vinegar can be added if needed.
    CLEAN IN COLOR - Vibrant colors make color-coding cleaning jobs easier. Assign different scrubbers to different applications.

    ERGONOMIC AND FUNCTIONAL - Designed to fit comfortably in your hand providing good grip and coverage so you can spend less time scrubbing.

    How to use:
    Scour with the power of Steel! Tough enough to stand up to commercial grade messes, Scour Daddy Steel is designed versatile and strong. The inside core is made from texture changing FlexTexture foam and on the outside, a layer of ArmorTec mesh studded with stainless steel fibers. The material combination tears through hardened, charred grime so you can skip soaking or the use of harsh chemicals.

    Great for flat top grills, enameled cast iron, porcelain, stone or mechanical applications. Unlike steel wool or traditional scouring pads, Scour Daddy Steel is odor and rust resistant.

    Highly Engineered Polymer Foam

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