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- Ideal for salted egg lovers
- Aromatic and crunchy ready-to-eat "vegetarian mock goose” chips.
- Made of crispy rolled bean curd skin and packed full of rich taukee 豆皮 (soy bean) flavours.

How to use:
Ready to consume

Soy Skin, Salted Eggs, Curry Leaves, Vegetable Oil, Chilli, Margarine, Milk, Sugar and Monosodium Glutamate (E621)

Suitable for:
Salted egg fans

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22 Feb 2022

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Very Good
  • Ding Yi Lim
  • On Tue, Jun 29, 2021

    The Crusty's Salted Egg Soy Skin Crisps are really addictive!! Super crispy and fragrant, plus made with real salted egg and spices! I love how the salted egg is not overwhelming and doesn't taste artificial. Although a tad salty when reaching the bottom of the packet, it's perfect when I add the bits to my beehoon/ porridge!

  • Elvinia Elvinia
  • On Thu, Jul 01, 2021

    Love this Crusty's SoySkin Crisps. It is tasty and addictive, once start very hard stop! Great as a snack to munch on or can be a starter before meals. The salted egg taste is just perfect. Try it today!

  • ssl lim
  • On Thu, Jul 01, 2021

    Received this morning and I finished it in one times because it is very crispy and nice taste, love it so much! Especially the Salted eggs taste! Recommend this Crustys Salted Egg Soy Skin Crisps for snake hunters!

  • I VY
  • On Thu, Jul 01, 2021

    love it love it ! Great to see that its a substitute of potato chips or fish skin. taste awesome and the resealable packaging is convenient. can taste the salted egg, maybe pairing with rice will be good too

  • Goh Lillian
  • On Fri, Jul 02, 2021

    Super good and healthy snack! A great fan of salted egg chips. Even has my favourite food king show sticker on it, which is highly recommended by them hehe. The pack is resealable just like the salted egg fish skin too.