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Crusty's Hot & Spicy Chicken Flavour Fish Skin Crisps Out Of Stock

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The newest addition to our Fish Skin Crisps range.
- It is inspired by the famous Korean brand Samyang's explosive spicy noodles, now in a snack form.
- A heck lot of spices and kicks to keep your taste buds dancing.

How to use:
Enjoy every bite by pairing our Hot & Spicy Chicken Flavoured Fish Skin Crisps with a refreshing glass of milk. It sure helps to ease the spiciness from the crisps!

Pacific Dory Fish, Hot and Spicy Chicken Seasoning, Chilli, Sugar, Vegetable Oil and Flavour Enhancer (E621).

Suitable for:
Snack Lovers

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29 Dec 2021

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