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Ume Tonya 梅問屋 - Plum Juice Concentrate

(1 box of 12s)

Ume Tonya 梅問屋



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    1. Made using preserved plums
    2. The perfect drink to quench thirst and replenish salt and mineral content in the body during hot weather
    3. No added preservatives and flavouring
    4. Easy and convenient preparation
    5. The traditional taste is definitely something different from what is available in the market

    How to use:
    1.Mix the plum juice concentrate with 250cc drinking water in ice
    2.Stir well and adjust to taste
    3.Enjoy it.

    Plum, Sugar, Salt, Honey, Malic Acid, Sucralose

    Suitable for:

    Target age:
    3 & Above


    Retail price:
    $8.70 (1 box of 12s)

    29 April 2022

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