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    Steambase's self-heating, hydrating steam eye mask relieves dry eyes, puffy eyes and dark circles due to extended phone or monitor usage, allergies or just simply from a long day.

    • 20 MINUTES: The steam eye mask will gently inflate into eye pillows, warm up to 104°F and release steam for up to 20 minutes giving your eyes a much-needed break. Use daily, as needed.
    • 2-IN-1: The steam eye mask doubles as a sleep eye mask as it blocks out ambient light. Drift off to sleep with 20 minutes of warm steam and wake up in the morning refreshed.
    • ANYWHERE YOU GO: Individually packaged, travel with the heated eye masks wherever you go for instant relaxation. Leave one in your purse, desk, and near your bed.
    • THERMAL SPRING WATER: Each of our steam eye masks release nutrient-rich Onyang Palace "God's Well" thermal spring water for a spa-like experience.


    How to use:

    [To use] Use right after opening.

    1. Take out the eye mask from the pouch.

    2. Cut the ear-part attached in the back through a cutting line.

    3. Place the eye mask with the white side facing your eyes.

    4. Put the eye mask on and relax with your eyes closed. (20 minutes).

    Suitable for:
    Skin Type: Oily, Combination, Dry, Normal

    Material: Outer-sheet > non-woven fabric.

    Retail Price: SGD $30.80/box

    Expiry Date:
    14 Aug 2022

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