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Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation Selling Fast

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    Meet the Nest Mini, the smart speaker you control with your voice.

    Just say "Hey Google" to ask your Google Assistant about the weather, news, or almost anything.

     The small and mighty smart speaker that you control with your voice.

    Dimension: Nest Mini is 50.8 mm (2 in) tall and 101.6 mm (4 in) wide and blends right into any room – on a coffee table, bedside table or wall.
    Nest Mini sounds better and richer, with more power and 40% stronger bass1 to fill your bedroom or home office.
    Play music and entertainment from your favourite apps with your voice.2
    Just ask your Google Assistant. Or stream to Nest Mini from your phone.3

    Control your home with just your voice. Dim the lights or turn on the TV – just ask your Google Assistant.4 Works with hundreds of compatible smart devices.

    How to use: 
    Follow guide on Google Home App with your Android or iPhone

    Retail Price: SGD$79

    ¹ As compared to Google Home Mini. Measured at 60-100 Hz at max volume. Google Nest Mini requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet, a Google Account, and a compatible mobile device. See for details.
    ² Subscriptions may be required for certain content. Additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply. Nest Mini is optimized for selected content services only. Chromecast-enabled apps required.
    ³ Personalized features require additional setup and enrollment, and support up to six users. When using Voice Match, keep in mind that a voice similar to yours, or a recording of your voice, could result in Google incorrectly recognizing someone else as you.
    ⁴ Compatible smart devices required. For example, controlling your lights or thermostat requires a compatible smart thermostat or compatible smart bulbs linked to Nest Mini. Controlling your TV requires a Chromecast or Chromecast-enabled TV.





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