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Super Soft Cottony Feel(26.3%)
Gentle To Skin(25.1%)
Superior Absorbency(24.3%)
Unique Odour Control(12.7%)



Very Good








Olivia Lin Influencer

On 10 Feb 2018

Amazing product!

This pad feels so comfortable and light it didn't feel like I was wearing it. Would recommend!

Rani Budiarto Influencer

On 19 Jan 2018

Definitely Worth to Buy!!

I tried this product on my heaviest day and it surprise me. For a very slim pad, it has superb absorption. It feels very comfortable and material does not irritate my skin Will definitely continue to buy this!! Highly recommended!

Michelle Lim Influencer

On 03 Jan 2018

Awesome procucts

the absorb is good and can felt dry thru out the day and during night

Kelly Influencer

On 29 Nov 2017

Purchased their retail sized after using.

The pad has soft lining/cushion that feels gentle on skin. It is also breathable and high in absorbency.

Alyssa Peh Yuen Fang Influencer

On 27 Nov 2017

Comfortable fit

Airy, and absorbs relatively well

clarice Member

On 23 Mar 2018

Great product!

After trying this product, I recommended it to my friends who were looking specifically for ultra slim pads. This product is also true to its promise of being 3 times more absorbent. Really liked it!

claire Member

On 22 Mar 2018

slim pads

i love slim pads as it makes me feel like i am not wearing anything. it is more comfortable. will be better if it comes in a longer length

Loi hweeling Member

On 18 Mar 2018

Comfortable and gentle

This product is really comfortable and gentle to my skin. The pad also absorb well too.

Leila Chua Member

On 18 Mar 2018


I REALLY LIKE THE Ultra Slim sanitary pad material! Light and comfortable the whole day!

huimin Member

On 18 Mar 2018

great product

very comfortable and absorbs well!