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Joanna Goh Influencer

On 23 Nov 2017

Great Herbal mask

Tried this product and it was really good. The herbal scent is not overwhelming and it was really relaxing.

Rei Yang Influencer

On 07 Aug 2017

Soothing mask!

I love reviewing sheet masks and I would say this is one of the better masks that I have tried. It is soothing, cooling and moisturizing. I am unable to see the whitening effect immediately as I guess you will need to use it more frequently in order to see the whitening results. This mask will definitely soothe your tired skin!

lim jia wei Influencer

On 09 Jun 2017

love the cute hambok packaging

love facial masks and love cute new packagings it comes in.....traditional korean hambok dress.

Maria Victoria Galang Influencer

On 09 Apr 2017

I love it!!!

this makes leaves my skin hydrated and moisturized.

Elisha Member

On 06 Dec 2017

Like any regular mask

Skin feels moisturized and soft after using and lasting for the rest of the day

Nancy Wan Member

On 21 Nov 2017

Awesome product

It is moisturising and has lots of water. It is soothing to the skin that I do not have to put any skin care throughout the night as I spread the excess moisture all over my face and neck as sleeping mask effect. It was still moisturing on my face the next morning,

Joddie Woo Member

On 18 Nov 2017

Good mask

I like the smell and it is hydrating. not sure about whitening because i only used 1.

Haresh Member

On 17 Nov 2017

good product

Its very hydrating and it gets absorbed into the skin fast. it did brighten up my skin a little like it gave my skin a nice glowy look.

Victoria Member

On 14 Nov 2017


This is moisturising like any other mask. Love that it doesn't have paraben in it. However, some people may be uncomfortable with the fact that there's silkworm extract in it. Also, it's such a pity that this mask is unsuitable for people with blemishes, acne, irritated and sunburnt skin (this was stated on the packaging as a caution). Hence, I realised it is not suitable for my skin. It's such a pity. Other than that, I love the fact that the chemicals used are without paraben.