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Joanna Chan Influencer

On 15 Apr 2018

Love this!

Why nobody mentioned the smell of ginseng. Redness on my nose cheek area calms down really quickly. My face feels oily however when I used my skin analyser, it's not (19%). My face is super hydrated @ 64%. Elasticity also at it's best. The eye cream is really thick in consistency and good for quite a few uses, I transferred it into a container for easy usage. Does it help with wrinkle? Unfortunately, I have no answer for this. I will update this review again after finish using the eye cream.

pearlyn Influencer

On 18 Sep 2017

Extremely brightening and calming

The mask is very soaked in essence and retained it well throughout wear time. It calmed redness down almost instantly and I was 2 shades brighter. My skin was very soft after and didn't need a moisturizer as well!

Nas Sue Influencer

On 29 Aug 2017

this sheet feels slightly more thicker/slimy maybe, but skin feels elastic after

my skin felt refreshed and very bouncy after the mask. I left it on for 30mins before taking it off. could not see if any wrinkles were visibly reduced but it felt really hydrated.

lim jia wei Influencer

On 09 Jun 2017

great facial mask

I like facial masks and these new snail ones are quite misleading, I haven't broke out from using it yet and after effects are the same as other brands.

Maria Victoria Galang Influencer

On 27 Mar 2017

Kinda Liked it

Liked the idea of trying this eye cream and mask. The eye cream is creamy and kind of heavy on the face, its was only made my face feel oily. It also made me breakout. The mask on the other hand is excellent made my face moisturized.

Jenny Fung Member

On 16 May 2018


Skin feels moisturized after use. However, product leaves a slightly sticky residue.

Natalia Sirait Member

On 15 May 2018

Good Mask

The mask was pretty good apart from it being a bit too sticky for my liking.

Navya Ashok Member

On 14 May 2018

Good one

After trying this product definitely will buy retail one

Jo Ming Member

On 14 May 2018

Luxury Soo Bopye-Snail Mask Pack

Luxury Soo Bopye-Snail Mask Pack , skin lifted as well as brightened and clean.

B.B. Member

On 13 May 2018

Snail mask pack

A mask not only for face, but also eye cream for my winkle care