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Taniah Lahh Influencer

On 09 Oct 2018

Unexpectedly one of the best napkins

I have sensitive skin around my 'delicate areas' and irks me to wear sanitary napkins because it causes a lot of discomfort and itch. However, LAURIER ULTRA GENTLE is what I've been missing out. The surface is dry and sticky free (unlike other brands) which is very comfortable when I'm walking around . Not stuffiness or itchiness as I used this for my second day. It's also mess-free because of it's quick lock and dry effectiveness. To be honest, glad that I actually choose this randomly

Elaine Liao Influencer

On 03 Oct 2018

Soft and gentle to skin.

I'm really liking this product and already bought the retail pack.

Zixin Owyong Influencer

On 30 Sep 2018

Great product!

After trying this product, I realised that it is very comfortable and works great.

Celeste Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018


I was fortunate to have this new product from Sample store. I was able to try it and brought it along with me while i was having menses during my holiday. I wasn't worried about my menses at all while i went to excursion on isolated island area with boat and river cruise. The surface of the napkin is more moisture, gentler on the skin and the absorbent quality is better. I feel more comfortable with with a slim feature with no hassle of sticky feeling and it dry faster which can relief my ease

Deenise Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

Ultra Soft!

I would usually pack a few sanitary napkins into a pouch and bring it with me on-the-go. I like that the pads are really slim and light so that it is easy to pack it into a small purse. These premium made-in-Japan sanitary napkins provide comfort even when on heavy days. Since it is also highly absorbant, you can go about doing your daily activities (e.g exercising) without having to worry about leakage or experience any discomfort.

Oo Wai Fong Camellia Member

On 20 Oct 2018

Good product

Thanks for the sample. Smooth and gentle on the skin. Worth purchasing.

Wendy Tan Member

On 20 Oct 2018


It is indeed soft and has little friction. Keeps dry and comfortable for the entire day. The length is just about right

Genevieve Member

On 20 Oct 2018


Comfortable and gentle to skin. Absorbency is mid range

Karin Khang Member

On 20 Oct 2018

Good product

It’s soft and comfortable. It’s super absorbent as well

Priscilla Member

On 20 Oct 2018

Do give this sample a try

Pretty good but was only give 1 sample. So not sure if it's that good as I have sentivitve skin. Will buy a pack to try. Do give it a try as it's one of the thinnest and allow better absorbency:)