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Gentle And Mild(20.6%)
Moisturizes The Skin(20.4%)
Suitable For Sensitive Skin(20.1%)
Skin Feels Plumper, Smoother And Softer After Use(19.3%)



Very Good








Shan Tan Influencer

On 09 Apr 2018

Generous sample

It does what it says it does and does not leave skin feeling dry and tight. Sample amount was generous. A good amount to determine whether your sensitive skin is suitable for the product before you commit to the full size.

Kathy Influencer

On 22 Mar 2018

Fragrant and hydrating!

Has a fragrant smell and leaves my skin feeling really smooth and hydrated after I shower! Much better than other body washes that make your skin feel like it's drying out. Really like it!

Olivia Lin Influencer

On 10 Feb 2018

Love the scent!

I love how nice this product feels on my skin and especially the scent! Makes you feel very relaxed after a bath and the skin feels soft and supple.

Hilary Lau Influencer

On 21 Jan 2018


Smells nice and very gentle and soft on skin! Really enjoyed using it and I highly recommend it!

Rani Budiarto Influencer

On 19 Jan 2018

Great Product!!

I have been using Dove body wash for years now and when I know that they are launching new formula, I get very excited to try. After trying this product, I found that it does delivered what it claims. It does moisturize my sensitive skin and I love the scents a lot!!! Highly recommended this product

Isabell Oh Member

On 21 May 2018

Awesome product.

After trying it,i liked it. Will change my current product to this.Like the fragrance.Very gentle.

Chrystal Huang Member

On 20 May 2018

smells hella good!

smells amazing ! could smell it even from outside the entire parcel. makes my skin feel as soft and smooth as a baby's butt and doesn't leave red splotches on my skin

Cheryn Member

On 20 May 2018

awesome product

its really refreshing to the skin and it smells really really fragrant

Joan Chin Member

On 19 May 2018

Love it!

This product is refreshing and good! I love it!!!!

Wong Lih Shin Member

On 19 May 2018


Skin felt smooth and moisturized after shower using the body wash. I have normal skin therefore can’t comment whether it’s great for sensitive skin but I definitely like the good smell and feeling after use.