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Gentle And Mild(20.6%)
Moisturizes The Skin(20.4%)
Suitable For Sensitive Skin(20.1%)
Skin Feels Plumper, Smoother And Softer After Use(19.4%)



Very Good








Alyssa Peh Yuen Fang Influencer

On 27 Nov 2017

Fan of Dove Products

I like the scent of it, and how my skin feels after shower!

Belle Influencer

On 24 Nov 2017

Recommend it for people with sensitive skin !

I feel that the lotion is very mild to the skin. Its smells great too! Not really foamy which I guess its good for people with dry skin.

Hazel Influencer

On 24 Nov 2017

Great product for sensitive skin

Was initially skeptical about how good this product would actually be for sensitive skin but I wasn't disappointed! It didn't irritate my skin and there was barely any fragrance which is definitely a bonus! CERTAINLY DID THE JOB WELL!

Ong Mori Influencer

On 01 Nov 2017

Did not receive the product!

No way to review :( even though the stated wrote that it was delivered, i never received anything sadly.

Jo Hanna Influencer

On 23 Oct 2017

Amazing product

Very soothing and has long lasting scent. I love how it is easily washed by water

Lim Shi Qi Sherlin Member

On 18 Dec 2017


After using it my skin feels smooth and went to purchase a bottle from the retail shop

Santosh Madasseri Member

On 18 Dec 2017

Awesome product

Very gentle and no rashes on the body after using it. It has got a nice fragrance. Feel fresh and lively.

Evan Mok Member

On 18 Dec 2017

Awesome product . Reasonable price .

My girl likes the scent n its moisturising effect on her sensitive skin. Use it daily ever since after trying out the sample.

Lin Li Yi Member

On 17 Dec 2017


I have sensitive skin after using it doesn't irritate my ski. And it smells really nice too. my skin felt smoother after using

yanling Member

On 16 Dec 2017

Great for sensitive skin

Skin feels very smooth after usage, non-drying and suitable for sensitive skin like me