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Improve Gums Condition(35.8%)
Improve Gums ConditionPrevent Tartar Build-up(32.3%)
Prevent Tartar Build-up(31.9%)



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Ivy Lim Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

Nothing special

Nothing really special about this toothpaste. Will not buy .

Felicia Influencer

On 25 Sep 2018

Keep my breath fresh!

Love how the toothpaste leaves a minty and refreshing breath after using.

Junaidi Lim Influencer

On 22 Dec 2017

Interesting Product

From the name, I thought the paste color will be in grey, ashes or brown color , actual is in white color One of the ingredient is sea silt extract from Boryeong Mud , a popular Mud festival in Korea and the mud has been use for cosmetic product It advisable do not swallow , must rinse and spit out The paste give me the feeling of creamy and slightly thick in my mouth , feel the cream texture while i am brushing my teeth Not suitable if you like gel and light paste

Joanne Member

On 22 Oct 2018

Boryeong DR 113 toothpaste

Generous product sample. I didn’t really see the whitening effect but overall like the mild after taste.

TSH Member

On 17 Oct 2018

Okay toothpaste

Was worried that toothpaste would be brown as it contains mud. Was pleasantly surprised that it is like any white toothpaste. No unpleasant taste.

Hannah Rahimi Member

On 15 Oct 2018

Pretty good!

I think it works just as well as other toothpastes so I have no complaints! It tastes milder, less minty but works well

Ong Pang Shen Member

On 09 Oct 2018

Soft and Good Toothpaste

After trying this, I feel the texture of the toothpaste soft and good. My teeth feel clean.

Puppyland Member

On 06 Oct 2018


The tooth paste is minty and refreshing. Not sure about whitening.