You Should Try These Low Maintenance Asian Hair Colours

You Should Try These Low Maintenance Asian Hair Colours

Ain’t nobody has the time, patience and moolah for regular salon trips.

Give your hair a little makeover without committing to monthly touch-ups. And the best thing is, you can do it at the comfort of your home!

Colouring your hair at home can be a tricky business, if you’ve given up hope for home hair dye after a couple of bad experiences, you might want to reconsider. Box formulas have come a long way since the types that would stain your face or cause discomfort to your scalp. And with the introduction of RYO MILD FORMULA HAIRDYE CREAM, it is possible to get hair salon quality hair colour at home without burning a hole in your wallet and hurting your scalp.

Bringing scalp health to the forefront of hair care has always been Ryo’s philosophy, each of the brand’s product is infused with Korean Ginseng and medicinal herbs that is engineered specifically to improve the health of the scalp while giving users beautiful hair.

With 4 million units sold from February 2014 to August 2019, Singapore is the first country outside of South Korea to launch the RYO MILD FORMULA HAIRDYE CREAM. The hairdye is packed with high concentration of naturally derived ingredients and conditioning essence to nourish and protect both the scalp and hair while giving you a long-lasting colour coverage even making your greys less apparent.

From ditching ammonia, PPD, silicone, mineral, animal-derived ingredients, PEG surfactant and fragrance that are responsible for scalp reactions (especially if you have sensitive skin) the RYO MILD FORMULA HAIRDYE CREAM are proving to be on par with professional salon colouring. We love that Ryo has put the health of our hair as the main priority and uses hair nourishing and protecting ingredients to keep our hair healthy while giving it a new coat of colour.

RYO MILD FORMULA HAIRDYE CREAM comes in 4 alluring Asian colours (Dark Brown, Deep Brown, Maroon Brown and Natural Brown) to complement your natural hair shade. The telltale sign of a botched dye job is when the outcome is too yellow, too orange or too red. We would strongly recommend you to not stray too far from your natural base colour. When you do home dye, it is advisable to go only half a shade to a full shade darker or lighter than your natural colour. These colours from Ryo are best suited for Asian hair, the shades are so natural that you don’t have to go back to the salon every month for root touchups. This low maintenance trend allows you to embrace the laid back and effortless vibe.

To top it all off, RYO MILD FORMULA HAIRDYE CREAM is only retailing at $18.90 and can be found at selected Guardian stores or Guardian online. Achieving your #hairgoals doesn’t have to be pricey and time consuming now.