We’re Back With Even More Scrub Daddy, And A Special Treat

We’re Back With Even More Scrub Daddy, And A Special Treat

You guys reaaally love Scrub Daddy! Back in June, we launched some samples and they got — sorry for the incoming pun — completely wiped out. We don’t blame you, here’s why. 

TikTok’s Favourite Cleaning Product

Of all the things that can trend on TikTok, did you expect a sponge? It’s not just any sponge though! The Scrub Daddy is a little piece of magic that turns soft in warm water and firm in cold water, as seen on hit reality TV series Shark Tank. That makes it perfect for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. And it doesn’t hurt that this little cutie is in the shape of a smiley. 

That’s why we were raving about it, and so are you! Since our soft launch, Sample Store fans have been loving its “innovative shape”, “good ergonomic design” and the verdict is in: “Scrub Daddy really makes cleaning MUCH easier”. 

More Scrub Daddy Goodness Coming Your Way

If you didn’t manage to get your hands on one, we’ve got great news. As Scrub Daddy’s official eCommerce Partner, we’re bringing it back — and more! 

Meet the new members of Scrub Daddy’s family:  

Scrub Daddy Colors

It’s our classic beloved Scrub Daddy, now in three new gorgeous colours! Go for a cool blue, a bright orange or an emerald green, and have fun colour coding your cleaning supplies. 

Now’s your turn to get your hands on these cool new products, on top of the ones you already know and love: the original Scrub Daddy, Scrub Mommy and Eraser Daddy 10x. All of this, exclusively on Sample Store. But don’t wait around for these popular babies to sell out — fastest fingers first! 


Sponge Daddy

Some of you loved how much foam you get with Scrub Daddy. Well, then get ready to fall head over heels for the Sponge Daddy. This versatile double-sided powerhouse is six times more absorbent and with his ResoFoam® side, he produces 60% more suds! 

Plus, he’s odour and stain-resistant — and total eye candy that comes in a set of bright, happy colours! Each pack comes with 3 sponge daddy scrubs– each with different colours. It’s easy to colour-code them, so you don’t accidentally cross-contaminate. 


Scour Daddy

Scouring is HARD work. So I’m thanking my lucky stars that the Scour Daddy’s coming to town, and he means business. With his trademark ArmorTec® mesh, he’s heat-treated and ready for your worst burnt dishes! He’s even got a FlexTexture® core for extra structure and absorbency, making it 18% stronger than other scours. With that signature smiley face print, it’s 100% cuter too. 

As a little bonus, it’s even got a removable hang tab for easy storage. Don’t we love a thoughtful guy?

Find out more about our previous product sample launches featuring The Original Scrub Daddy, Scrub Mommy and Eraser Daddy 10x.

Click here to read more.


Scrub Daddy Group Buy Deal: The More, The Merrier

As a bonus to thank you guys for such a successful launch, we’re giving you a fantastic deal! Once a scrub hit 50 orders for each group buy product, you’ll unlock these special prices for all Scrub Daddy products — get ‘em fast though, this time-limited promotion runs till 4 July 2021: 

Original Scrub Daddy 1ct: $7.90 $5.90

Scrub Mummy 1ct: $7.90 $5.90

Eraser Daddy 2ct: $7.90 $5.90

Scrub Daddy Colors 1ct: $7.90 $5.90

Sponge Daddy 3ct: $8.90 $6.90

Scour Daddy 3ct:$8.90 $6.90 

PLUS, be one of the first 150 to spend buy at least $35 worth of Scrub Daddy products, and receive a free Caddy Daddy worth $12.90. Trust me, you’ll want to own one of these. It’s got that smiley face design we all love, and get this — its eyes work as suction cups to keep it secure and reliably hold your Scrub Daddy.

You can now get your hands on your favourite Scrub Daddy products at discounted prices by visiting our Group Buy page.


Happy Cleaning with Happy Scrub Daddy Bundles

We’ll also be launching three exciting bundle deals on your favourite marketplace Shopee. Get the Original Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy (U.P. $15.80) at just $11.90 with our Happy Twogether deal! 

Want to get down to some hardcore cleaning? Bundle Deal A’s perfect for you — you get the Sponge Daddy and Scour Daddy (U.P. $17.80) at just $12.90. If you’re looking to welcome the extended fam to your home, you’ll love Bundle Deal B. It gives you the Scrub Daddy Color, Eraser Daddy, Sponge Daddy AND Scour Daddy (U.P. $33.60) for the awesome price of $24.90! 

We’re feeling pretty generous, so to top it all off, be the first 100 to buy at least $25 worth of Scrub Daddy products and get a free Screen Daddy (Seriously, HOW MANY DADDIES ARE THERE?!). It keeps your phone screen smudge-free, sparkling and it’s cute as a button.  

Sign up for Sample Store here to find out more and and visit Scrub Daddy page to shop away — soon, you’ll be scrubbing with a smile!




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